24: S08E09 – 12:00am – 1:00am | Recap

We’ve got some real developments in this hour of 24 fun. Among the episode, Dana Walsh confronts Jake, but does it end in her favor? Renee is badgered about her actions, and Jack finally tells Hastings that he is a terrible director.  All this and more, beginning at midnight.

We ended last week with a cliffhanger.  Dana was spying on Jake and his buddy, pulling out a gun.  My initial reaction was thinking she was just going to scare them off, and certainly not murder them in cold blood.  However, she was in a bit of a pickle. She followed his van to what seems like the middle of nowhere, and sat in her car, thinking about her next actions.  Also last week, Ortiz was told by Arlo that she was having an affair, so Ortiz took that moment to “Chase a lead”, actually tracking down Dana.

Sergei told Jack the location of the nuclear rods last episode, but we learned in the final five minutes of the hour that Josef had gone behind his father’s back, and was about to sell the rods to Fahrad.  Jack was able to get Josef on the line, and talk him into taking the benefits of a presidential pardon, because those aren’t given away just any day… Josef finally decides to walk away with his father, accepting the pardon, but Fahrad’s people saw the betrayal and sniped him dead.  Or at least we believe he is dead.  Later on in the episode, CTU couldn’t find the body.  I can’t believe they would kill a character played by David Anders off so quickly.

Fahrad ended up obtaining the rods as he initially intended, but we learned something new.  Apparently, the rods weren’t meant for the United States.  Fahrad meant to smuggle them out, but his mean cornered him, asking him to join them in attacking New York.  Of course it has to be New York, because if it were Los Angeles, the attack would be happening there, trouble follows Jack Bauer.  Maybe it would be better if he actually died. Fahrad agrees to join them, but later runs at the next opportune time, and calls CTU asking for help.

Renee had already given her statement to Chloe, but the White House, or shall I say Rob Weiss, thought it was prudnent that one of his people debrief Agent Walker.  Hastings, being a bad director gives the go ahead, saving his own tail, and let Renee get questioned again.  Only this time, it wasn’t a fair question. This woman had her own theory on what happened, and if it were a courtroom, she would have been badgering the witness.  Upon hearing this news, Jack couldn’t stand his pookie bear being questioned like that, so he took out a guard, and choked the woman questioning Renee.  After Jack grabbed Renee’s hand and started leaving, he was stopped shortly thereafter getting tased for a second time this season. What do you expect, Jack, you are in CTU.

Ortiz finds his bride-to-be stalking out Jake and his buddy, and holding a gun.  He forced the story out of her, to which she stated, “My name is not Dana Walsh, it’s Jenny Scott.”  She went on to explain her entire story, but Ortiz couldn’t believe she was about to kill them.  He wanted to release her from her burden, so with her gun, he approached the two in the van.  Told them that they could go back to prison, or go back to where they come from.  If they didn’t, he would kill them.  Jake backs down, but his bearded buddy wouldn’t have any of it, he was about to kill Ortiz.  Jake tried to stop him, but was stabbed in the process.  He cried out to Dana, and of course Ortiz spinned around just in time to take out the trash. I guess her problems were over.

When leaving CTU, Jack noticed Hastings putting an amateur to head the task force to get Fahrad out.  Jack calls him out on his terrible judgements, saying he’s been in the same spot, it’s tough, but being director of CTU has leverage, especially when there is a nuclear weapon on US soil.  He agreed to lead the mission if he relieved Renee from criminal accusations.  Hastings agreed, and Jack went back to action. Tick tock…tick tock.


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