AMERICAN IDOL: TOP 12 Girls Perform | Recap

American Idol
Top 12 Girls Perform

We begin this week live, and just as the other seasons before this, and the top of the stairs, with an arrangement of smiling faces. Among the smiling faces is Ryan Seacrest, reminding us that the girls perform tonight and guys do it tomorrow.

Ryan spoke to Simon in the judges panel, saying it’s the girls’ year. I understnad why, it’s not about talent, they have just had guys win for the past few years. After their rant about girls winning, we receive a joke about Simon hitting Ellen Degeneres along with a fake video.

Paige Miles was up first after talking about wiping off snot from kid’s faces and working with Michael Jackson’s backup singers. She sang “Alright Now”
Simon thinks out of all the girls, she has the best voice, but she chose the wrong song. Randy didn’t think it was the best song, but she did great anyways. Kara disagrees with Simon, she thinks she chose the right song. Ellen thinks dispite first time nerves, she pulled it off. I rated it a 4/5.

Ashley Rodriguez was our second contestant of the night. Singing “Happy” by Leona Lewis. Nerves were obviously hitting her hard, and her voice wobbled. Simon said it was clumsy, going backwards, and had no originality, saying she may be in trouble. Kara said it was a big song, some good parts, but definitely bad parts too. Ellen said she wants her to do something that would surprise them. Randy said it didn’t work well when compared to bigger artists. I didn’t think she did too well either, I gave her a  3/5.

Janell Wheeler was up next talking about her goal to impress Simon “What about Love” was her song by Heart. Simon said that she delivered about 65% it was a bad song choice, but he thinks she’s going to survive. Randy also said it the song choice wasn’t right, and she needs more originality. Kara agreed with the others, saying it was a wrong song choice. Ellen was the only one that thought it was the right song choice, she liked the song and she liked her. I gave it 3.5/5.

Lilly Scott was number 4 for the night, she gave us her sob story of basically living in her car before Idol. “Fixing a Hole” was her song by the Beatles. Simon said it was the best we’ve had so far, not feeling star power thought. Randy felt she was a real indy artist, and loved her honesty.  Kara said the thing she loved about her was the fact that she was believable, and comes from her heart, feels comfortable, and is memorable. Ellen said thats what were talking about, a random song, with a unique voice. Me – 4.5/5 – best of night so far.

Katelyn Epperly was our next contestant singing “Oh Darlin” by The Beatles. Simon said parts sounded messy and shouty, but it was a good choice of song, likes her a lot. Randy said he loves how she pays attention to tone, and loves her vibe, he said it was great.  Kara noticed that Katelyn knows her voice very well, she liked how she switched it up, it was unique, but doesn’t like the make up. Ellen said she was intersting, liked it a lot, saying it grabbed her attention, and that she has an amazing voice. Me – 5/5 best of night so far.

Haely Vaugn was next talking about piercing her nose for idol, then on stage, sung “I want to Hold your Hand” By the Beatles, third Beatles song of the night. Simon said it was verging on being terrible, it was a mess. Randy loves her unpredictability, but agrees with Kara, who said the vocals weren’t all there.Ellen said she shines on stage,and that she enjoyed it. As for me, I’m a sucker for Beatles songs, 4.5/5

Lacey Brown, our favorite and only firey red haired singer was up next singing “Landslide” by Stevie Nix. Simon said it was depressing, indulgent, and boring.  Randy said it was a great song, but wrong choice for her, and for once, Randy said the performance was terrible. Kara said it felt forced, hopes America gives her another shot. Ellen kept saying she’s better then that. I don’t think she did that great either, I just hope she’s not kicked off. – 3.5/5

Michelle Delamor was up next talking about her many jobs and then singing “Falling” by Alicia Keys. Simon said she did very well, there was not one moment where he thought “wow” there was something that makes her stand out. Randy said it was a tough song to do, but she did a great job,he wants her to take risks though. Kara said it was very commercial looking, but some thing were off, Kara told her to work on being unique. Ellen said it was fantastic, but a safe song. I personally thought it was boring. 3/5

Didi Benami was up next, the girl who lost her best friend recently. She sang “The Way You Love Me” Simon thinks she’s a good singer, but sounded too much like a copycat. Also indulgent, needed a spark to catch his attention. Randy asked where is the star power, no oomph. Kara said it was a good song, that she made changes to the original song, which is good. Ellen thinks she’s great. I gave it 4.5/5

Siobhan Magnus was next singing “I don’t wanna fall in love” Simon said “I liked the song, but not as much as the Hollywood week songs.” Kara kinda liked her with this song, really in the moment. Randy said “That’s the girl that I personally really really like.” Ellen said “I loved it, I forgot for a moment we were in a singing competetition and was just being entertained.” I think it was pretty good.- 4/5

Crystal Bowersox was up next, one of my favorites.  She is singing “Hand in my Pocket” Simon said there are thousands of her singing outside of subway stations, needs originality. Randy, however, loves her originality and honesty, and just her as a person. Kara told her to bring out more star power, no doubt she’ll be back next year, meaning next week. Ellen is also a fan of hers, and wants to see more.  Another great performance  – 5/5

Katie Stevens was the last contestant to enchant us with “Feelin’ Good.” Ellen said it was great, but conservative, it was too old for her. Simon agrees with Ellen, like her parents chose the song. Randy said it was pitchy, dog.  Too old for her. Kara didn’t think she could hear herself, because she was pitchy, but she was still good. I thought it was a good choice to finish a day with – 4/5

We are told that two girls are going to be cut next week.  Which two girls do I think are going to be cut? Personally, I think Ashley Rodriguez will be one of the first to get cut.  Secondly, I think Michelle Delamor was boring, but the judges didn’t, which makes me think she’s going to stay, so I’ll have to say Haely Vaughn and Ashley Rodriguez are the girls in trouble.  We’ll see, peace out!


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