Season 1


Smaller on the Outside is a Doctor Who podcast that began in 2013. Dave is the Timelord, Andy is the companion, and Timbot makes them complete in this podcast.

Season 1 primarily covers Doctor Who season 7.5 – From “The Bells of Saint John” to the 50th Anniversary and Christmas Special! Check it out.
  1. Episode 01: The Ketchup – Download
  2. Episode 02: The Bells of Saint John – Download
  3. Episode 03: The Rings of Akhaten – Download
  4. Episode 04: Cold War – Download
  5. Episode 05: Hide – Download
  6. Episode 06: Journey to the Centre of the Tardis – Download
  7. Episode 07: The Crimson Horror – Download
  8. Episode 08: Nightmare in Silver – Download
  9. Episode 09: The Name of the Doctor – Download
  10. Episode 10: The Day of the Doctor – Download
  11. Episode 11: The Time of the Doctor – Download

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