PAST LIFE: Initial Review

Whenever a new show airs, I try my best to check it out, watch at least three episodes, and decide then if I like it enough to keep watching, and if it will be picked up.  This show is about reincarnation, which I was raised to believe is hogwash, which I still do.

Simply, there is not a ton of shows about reincarnations or past lives, and maybe that’s for a reason.  People tend to get drawn to shows about ghosts, and that is why crap shows with terrible acting, like Ghost Whisperer, are still airing. Yes, I still watch Ghost Whisperer, but only because the first few seasons were actually good, so I have to see how the story ends, but I’m not here to talk about Ghost Whisperer, I am here to talk about Past Life.

No, this is not about ghosts, but it is about something that is talked about quite a lot in paranormal radio shows, books, forums, you name it.  In that respect, it’s a popular topic for those that are opened minded and like to wonder the occasional “What if”.

This is an action-series about a team of people whose profession is studying past life regressions, and helping people who are having traumatic visions of the past get through their ordeal. That’s the one thing I think is extremely unlikely, one – there would be an actual paying job of detectives looking into past lives.  I understand though, that the show wouldn’t be much of anything without that fact.

Second, the victims in this show see their pasts so vividly, because it is repressed, and comes up when they see something, or hear something that was a part of their past life.  If it was possible that we lived in a previous life, and saw so many flashbacks to the past, don’t you think we would all know about it by now? Even if it is all repressed?

The whole thing really is tacky, because it deals with something that most Americans don’t believe in. Reincarnation is dealt with in other religions like Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism.  America is mostly comprised of  Christians, non-believers and people who just think that nothing happens after life.  I’m sure there are other people who either believe in reincarnation or have fun with the idea of reincarnation in this country, but not many.

That’s why shows about ghosts get picked up, because there are so many open-minded people when it comes to ghosts.  I personally don’t know anyone who believes in reincarnation.  That is why I think the show is not going to be picked up. No matter how good the actors are, and how professionally they make the show out to be.

I personally enjoy the show. No it’s not the best show that I’ve ever seen, far from it.   I think the characters are kind of like the characters in Fringe, and I think they fit their roles perfectly.  I will continue watching, but like I said, I wouldn’t be surprised if they cancelled the show.


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