BONES: 4.08 – The Skull in the Sclpture – Recap

Bones LogoBones is back after a short hiatus, and boy am I glad.  I’m sorry I have been slacking on my recaps, but unfortunatley I have no other reason for that other than I am lazy.  So hopefully you’ll be able to forgive me as I write this recap.

Recently, I have been watching all the Buffy and Angel series, so unfortunetly whenever I see Booth in “Bones”, all I end up seeing is Angel most the time, which take away from the viewing experience.  Even though his character is quite different from Angel, its hard not to think of the role that he played for seven years that initially made him famous.

So two guys stumble into what looks like a junk yard, but is apparently some kind of strange museum of art. When I say art, I mean trash compacted cars, just…blocks of metal if you will.  Well, the end up conveniantly stumbling upon a crushed car that had a crushed human being inside. 


When our favorite team was examining the car, Angela approached Hodgins, and asked if he was seeing anyone else yet.  He wasn’t, but neither was she, but she said she was ready to.  Their relationship bugs me. Right from the beginning of this season, they had it right last season, but they had to go and ruin it.


Booth and Bones checked out who the piece of junk, I mean art belonged to. Apparently all the crushed cars were pieces of art that belonged to a man named Jeffrey.  When they told her they found Jeffrey crushed in the car, she just saw that as amazing.  Proving that he is a true artist… Apparently the man was suicidal, and he wanted to go out artistically.  Roxie, Jeffrey’s assistant told Booth and Bones that he had a rival, and off they went to meet with him.

So back at the lab, Hodgins was just about to pry open the car, when Caroline stopped him.  Apparently, Helen, the woman from before, spoke to a judge about the car being a historic piece of art, and didn’t want it disturbed in any way.  So they can still observe it, but cannot disturb it, but thats only temporate.

When Booth and Bones met up with Jeffrey’s rival, he told them that he did in fact dislike Jeffrey. But he told the two that they really should be talking to his assistant, Roxie, whome he left all his money to in his will.

At the lab, they were still trying to examine the car without disturbing the art.  Bones decided that was the time to “accidentally” dump a bunch of flesh eating beatles into the car.  Lol, brilliant. She asked if she was fired, but Camille just said, “Au Contrare, remind me of this when Christmas raise comes along.”

So, Booth and Roxie were in the questioning room.  Sweets was telling Booth what to ask, but he was completely ignored like always. Booth asked if she and Jeffrey were seeing each other, but she said they weren’t.  Then he asked if they weren’t intimate, why would he leave everything to her? She was surprised, and then asked Booth if Angela didn’t tell him.  Apparently Roxie here is into girls, and has never been with a man.


When confronted, Angela said that Roxie was in fact gay, and that she knew first hand, because they had a relationship for over a year.  Caroline stomped into the Lab, angry as a bear.  Apparently she found out about the accidental slip of flesh-eating beatles, and told the team the judge gave them only two days to find out if there was foul play.

Angela, the artistic one of the team, came up with another Star Trek device that can recreate the entire crushing of the car, and prove that it was suicide.  Well she did, and guess what, it was murder.  So the team was able to finally examin the car, and they opened it up.  Unfortunatley, the skull was broken, so Bones had to re-assemble it. When she was finished putting together all the puzzle pieces, she made the assumption that a fire ax was the murder weapon.


With new evidence, they found out that Jeffrey was killed in the studio.  Apparently, he was rolled, not dragged to a car, which meant someone without the strength had to roll him.  They asked the woman from before, Helen, what she was doing that night.  She said watching TV. Later on, the team found evidence of cancer treatment, it couldn’t have been Roxie, because it causes skin discoloration.  So they asked Helen to take off her make-up.  True enough, she was the killer.  She wanted to make it look more valuable, so she could spend the money on medical treatments.

Roxie and Angela meet up and kiss.

Sweets and Daisy meet up, and he fires her and they kiss. Then at the very end, there was a very subtle hint at the romantic interest Bones and Booth share for each other.  Man that frustrates me. I really don’t know if they’ll ever get together.


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