SUPERNATURAL: 4.08 – Wishful Thinking – Recap



Fake ghosts, living teddy bears, superhuman strength, all in tonights episode of Supernatural.  Here’s the recap.

This episode kicked right off with a woman taking a shower.  The scene gets pretty creepy as an invisible teenager stalks her.  Well, it actually gets less creepy, and more comedic, as we learn that this is not as much of a haunting as it is some invisible kid peeping in on his teacher.

The Winchesters heard word of this, and they went to investigate.  Sam was the one to question her, he pretended he was an author, writing a book ironically called “Supernatural.” Apparently, she went on about how the ghost knew her name, and that when she fell down some stairs, it helped her up. At a table nearby, Ted Raimi, aka, Sam Raimi’s brother was making out with a younger woman, who looked out of his league.  

After Sam left, the brothers were walking, trying to figure out what was going on in the town when they ran into a man talking to a sheriff.  Apparently he found some “bigfoot” tracks in the dirt, and that they weren’t bear tracks, they were much larger.  When Sam and Dean went to investigate, they found the tracks as well, which confused them, cause they knew Bigfoot was a myth. They then find a liquour store ransaked, with alchohol missing, and some innapropriate magazines missing.  When they left the store, they saw a little girl on a bike carrying all the stolen goods from the store, apparently she was returning them.

The brothers followed the girl home, and asked her if she’d seen Chewbacca, and she said it was her teddy bear.  So, they claimed to be Teddy Bear Doctors, and she asked if they would have a look at Teddy.  Inside her house, sure enough was the bear, drinking boos, and watching the News.  It was obviously a fake-looking costume, but what do you expect from a life-size teddy bear?  The girl had apparently made a wish in a wishing well and it came true.  When asked about her parents, she said they wished to be at Bali, so they had to be there.  The boys told the girl that her bear had lollipop disease, and because it’s so contagious, she needs to stay next door.  

To see if the wishing well was real, Sam and Dean visited the restaurant it was in.  Dean flipped a coin in the well, and right off the bat, a delivery man walked in with a sub for Dean.  When eating his magic sub, Dean also noticed Ted Raimi with the girl, saying he definitly made a wish.  So the boys decided they had to shut the place down for health inspection.  They drained the well, and found a coin at the bottom of the well that wouldn’t budge, so they had to find the original wisher to grab the coin out of the bottom of the well.

Meanwhile, Sam finally figured out the fake ghost story.  He waltzed right into the womans bathroom, and somehow was able to find the boy right away, and told him to put some pants on, and stay visible.  Dean puked up his sandwich, proving that when you make a wish, it turns out bad in the end. In the papers, it said that Ted Raimi was engaged to the young attractive girl.  They made the safe assumption in saying he started all the wishes.

So the boys went to Wesleys home (Ted Raimi.)  They found out that he collects rare coins, to which he ends up confessing to making the first wish.  So the boys brought him to the car to collect his coin.  His girlfriend overheard them talking though.  

Ted didn’t want to go, cause he’s fine with getting what he wants, but the boys explained to him that his town was going insane.  A boy that normally got bullied by a team of guys, had super-strength, and knocked over a car.  Dean told him that with great power comes great responsibilty, to which he got punched in the face. A quote from Spider-Man, nice, Ted Raimi was in all three Spider-Man films.

At the restaurant, Sam and Wesley are about to reverse the spell when Sam got struck by a bolt of lighting.  Apparently Hope, his fiance, wished for it to happen, cause she was afraid to lose him.  He gave her one last kiss, and removed the coin, and everything was reversed.  ‘Tis for the best.



One thought on “SUPERNATURAL: 4.08 – Wishful Thinking – Recap”

  1. Teddy bear doctors – now that’s a cover I never expected the Winchesters to use. But I guess desperate times call for desperate measures. 🙂 I’m just glad that we didn’t learn that “teddy” was one of Lilith’s minions.

    Seriously, I love how this show makes me laugh and cry in the same episode. The brother moments are always so heart felt.

    I’m not sure I had a favorite line this episode, but there were some good ones. However, I loved that Dean lifted a bottle of booze when they checked out the break in at the liquor store.

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