PRISON BREAK: 4.09 – Greatness Achieved – Recap

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It’s been a while since we last left off our heroes, and I am just glad to see that it is back and moving. The gang had Wyatt in their grasp, and Lincoln beat him to a bloody pulp to call the General, but he wouldn’t budge. Michael continued to think up his brilliant plan of retrieving Scylla, but without Gretchen’s half of the book, it could be very difficult. At Gate, T-Bag snuck the gang into the small closet space, so they could all get to work.


After Gretchen killed Blauner, the Gate worker who caught T-Bag as a fraud in the previous episode, things are starting to look shady at Gate as an investigation began.  A federal agent asked T-Bag tricky questions, but since T-Bag is sly, he got himself out of that mess. Sooner or later, however, T-Bag knew that his cover would be blown if they continued to dig deeper.  So he thought up a brilliant plan, he would take the fraud he was caught with, and frame it on Blauner.  Since he knew the company didn’t want to risk being audited by IRS agents, it sorted itself out.  

Back at the warehouse, when everyone else was away, Mahone decided it was about time for him and Wyatt to have a little one-on-one time.  He wanted revenge for what Wyatt did to his son, and his way of revenge – slow and excruciating torment.  Later, after he had his fun, Mahone brought Wyatt to a pier, and pushed him in, holding a block of cement.  Seemed a little cartoony to me, but I liked it.

Don Self put together a fake recording of Wyatt, telling the General that everyone had been killed.  He did this by putting together bits and pieces of when Wyatt was talking earlier, it was quite ingenious.  The General bought it when he was called, but he still wants Scylla moved.  After the General got the call Gretchen showed up with a gun raised.  With his mind tricks, the General convinced Gretchen that she was still his girl, and then the two shared a nice smooch.  (I think I threw up a little in my mouth.) So now we are led to believe that Gretchen is back in the company as the General’s number two girl.

So in Gate’s basement, the problem is a giant pipe that runs through the room.  There’s no way above or below, so the only way is through.  They were able to stop the water from flowing, but only for an hour, so they could cut through.  They were going to place a second pipe in between the the first one, so they could simply crawl through.  Michael had another one of his mysterious problems, this time it got worse.  He got really dizzy, and had to have Sucre cover for him.


Well the job was almost done, all they had to do was push the pipe through, but it was too heavy, Lincoln and Bellick jumped in to guide it to the other side.  At the very last second, the support beam collapsed, and Bellick sacrificed himself to make sure the team got the job done!  Wow, Prison Break has gone a long way from its first introduction of Bellick, the bully prison guard that kills inmates cats, to a crying wimp, to a hero! What an explosive come back for Prison Break after it’s short hiatus! 


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