GHOST WHISPERER: 4.03 – Ghost in the Machine – Recap


Melinda boldly went where no man or woman has ever gone before… a video game. Tonight’s episode is obviously referring to the popular internet game “Second Life,” to which I mysef have gotten addicted to back in the day. I liked this episode overall, but the fact that all she had to do was touch a computer monitor to get into the game was a little much for me. I understand you really get into a game when you play it, but comeon!

Apparently, a man died while he was playing the video game, so his spirit was stuck inside the game. It turned out to be the father of a soon-to-be predator victim, and he was in the game trying to protect her. So in order to find out more information, Melinda zapped herself into the game, (impossible.) It had a lot of computer graphics which were actually done very well. Melinda even had a super-hero like fight.  

Well to make a long story short, Melinda and Eli found the father who died while playing the game, and together they worked on trying to find the predator.  They were almost too late, but like any TV show or movie, the good guys won, and the bad guy got what was coming to him, with a little help from Ghost Dad of course, screwing up the electronics in the car.


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