QUICK SUMMARY – Chuck, Terminator, Prison Break, Heroes – 10.20.08


Chuck learns about Sarah’s past as a dork named Jenny.  Casey acts like a DJ.  Morgan and the rest of the guys give away Buy More’s products for free, then later have a boozefest to get the money back. Ben Savage from Boy Meets World guest stars.

Terminator: SCC – 

Two new characters from the future show up, one to kill John’s therapist, and the other is a human runnning away from the war.  John’s depressed. T-1000 tries to learn some new people skills.

Prison Break – 

Team tries to steal the last card, fails when Roland sells them out.  Sucre gets shot.  Sara has painful flashbacks. Roland gets shot and dies. They still don’t have the last card.

Heroes –

Hiro/Ando go to find the african Isaac.  Nathan/Traci seek Sureshes help.  Claire gets shot by her mother. Adam Monroe gets killed by Mr. Patrelli.  Peter tries to stop Mr. Petrelli, gets his powers sucked from his body.

Thats about it, stick around for the full recaps later!


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