SMALLVILLE: 8.05 – Commited – Recap


“Do you love this man?” – Psycho killer to Lois about Clark

Can I just say, thank you Smallville, for restoring my faith in you? Tonight’s episode was fantastic.  Lets just say that for all of you fans out there waiting for Clark and Lois to get together, you will love this episode.  Lots of Clois material, and it never gets old.

We start tonights episode at a congratulations part for Chloe and Jimmy’s engagement.  Lois was the first to toast the couple, but thanks to her drunkeness, Clark had to step in and finish Lois’s speech, saying that Jimmy was the right guy for Chloe.

Later on, after everyone left the party, a guy pulled up to the couple, and shot them dead.  Or at least that’s what they wanted you to think.  They were just tranq’d.  Cue the opening credits.

At the Kent farm, Lois woke up with a splitting headache.  Never fear though, because Clark was there to save the day, with some meds.  Well off they went with some excuse to go to Chloe and Jimmy’s place.  When they got there, they noticed Jimmy and Chloe never came home, which meant…they’ve gone missing. DUN DUN DUN!

At some undisclosed location, Chloe and Jimmy were tied to what looked like electric chairs.  They were being held captive by some freak of nature that seriously hates couples.  The guy got dumped by the love of his life, I’m guessing.  Maybe she cheated…ANYWAYS they were hooked up to lie detectors, and if one lied, the other got shocked.  If you lie, your loved ones get hurt…..brilliant.  The first question went to Jimmy asking if he ever cheated on Chloe, he said no, zap goes Chloe, but she forgave him.

Meanwhile, Lois proposed to Clark.  They found out that whoever took them also took several other couples, so in order to find him, they have to act as couples.  So their cover was two engaged lovers.  *Smiles*   

Back to interrogation time.  Chloe was asked if she was in love with anyone else.  It took her forever, but she finally said no, which was the truth.  Then it was over, that was their final question.  The killer set them free.

Which led to his next victims – Lois and Clark.  To make a long story short, Lois got caught, Clark asked Chloe and Jimmy if they knew anything, they said something that told him where she was being held, and he went to save the day.

When he got there, he was too caught, because the killer had a kryptonite bracelet.  Why, you ask? No idea.  Anyways, Clark and Lois had to go through the test.  Lois was first asked if she ever cheated on Clark, she said no and zapped Clark.  Then she was asked if deep down, she loved him. This took her a very long time, but in the end, with a tear, she said…YES. WOOOHOOO! Sorry, I get excited.  So Clark was asked the same thing, but Clark is special, he didn’t need to answer, he just saved the day. Boooo.  

Back at the Talon, Jimmy confessed to Chloe that he is not who she thinks he is.  He is really…..James Bond. No, he’s still Jimmy, he just lied about his family, that they aren’t as cool as he said they were, and they aren’t coming to the wedding.  But Chloe just said “It’s okay, pumpkin, I still love you more than air.”

Clark ran into Lois obviously avoiding him, but since he was there, they took the elevator together.  She took this time to explain herself to Clark, she said she was able to take the metal thing off her finger, so she lied.  It’s obviously not true, but Clark is such a….nevermind.  It looked like he was dissapointed, which is good for us, cause now we know they love each other….What are they waiting for! 

I can’t wait for next week, peace out!


Who else felt this episode was made after seeing the reality show “Moment of Truth,” a lie detector show, ruins relationships? Just a suggestion.


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