BONES: 4.07 – The He in the She – Recap


This week’s episode of Bones started off with two stoned teenagers finding a dead body in the water while they were fishing.  The body was cut in half, but the team was able to find out that the victim was female, based off the fact she was wearing a female bathing suit when she died.  She was cut in half, but that didn’t mean she was murdered, but since her fingers were smashed in, she was. We learn later that she is really a he but not anymore…..I’ll get to that a little later.

Our new replacement of the week for Zach goes to a Mr. Nigel Murray.  I actually liked last week’s replacement, but alas, I guess he was a little too depressed to work at the Jeffersonian. Everyone calls him Mr. Nigel because it makes him sound duller than a Dr. Nigel.  And no offense, but he is kind of dumb.  He doesn’t catch a whole lot of things when doing his job.  At the end of the episode he quits, I guessed he would, but that’s not important, I just wanted to get it out of the way.

With careful investigation, Booth and Bones found out who the victim was, a woman named Patricia.  They went to her house and scoped it out.  It turned out that she worked at a church.  Booth took that time to judge her, because he didn’t think she was right for having plastic surgery and be a pastor for some reason. They than found a message on her answering machine from a man named J.P.  Booth got a call that they found the second half of the body. From the second half, they found out the victim used to be a man.

Bones and Booth visited Patricia’s funeral.  The church she worked for was a church for people in need to go to that have had a bad past and have been judged before. At the funeral they met J.P. and brought him in for questioning.  The man developed feelings for Patricia even though he knew she used to be a man.  He didn’t do it.

At the Jeffersonian, Angela drew up a sketch of what she thought Patricia might have looked like if she were a man.  Everyone in the group recognized him as a famous pastor, Patrick Stevenson. Before he had his operation, Patrick had a wife and son. They interviewed his wife, who seemed dead set against the operation.  My guess at this point was she was the one who did it.  She said her son was in California, so he couldn’t have done it.  Though he is played by Simon from 7th Heaven.  A well-known actor, so he might have a bigger role than I think…idk.

Of course Simon was a pastor, took over his father’s job.  Can’t get yourself out of that role, can you Simon? Booth had a chat with him, and Simon said he wish he knew his father after he had the operation.  He was still acting as a man of faith, even though he didn’t really look it.  He didn’t do it, and that leaves me still with my guess.  The mother. Dun dun dun!

At the end, they found the murder weapon, which was a boat.  The boat belonged to J.P. from before.  Though it wasn’t him that did it.  His wife found out about his feelings for Patricia, and killed her.  That was totally unexpected.  I didn’t even know the man was married…  Oh well.  At the end, Simon re-took his place as pastor.  He was the pastor of his father’s new church, and that’s how the episode ended. Speaking of fathers, we get to see Bones’s father next week…I can’t wait! Peace out!


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