SMALLVILLE: 4.04 – Instinct – Recap


It’s that time of the week again! Thursday which for me it means Smallville, Supernatural, and The Office.  All that matters now is Smallville.  In tonights episode, a familiar letter Chloe wrote Clark surprisingly re-introduced itself, a new alien came to town, whose only purpose was to mate with Clark, and more of Lois and Clarks “platonic” relationship was addressed…here’s the recap:

This episode kicked right off with Tess inspecting more of the Superman-shaped crystal  she found in the arctic.  She hooked it up to a spinning gizmo, and before she knew it, the crystal shot out a giant blue beam resembling a lightsaber.  Within seconds the beam was gone and in came Maxima looking for a kryptonian. 

On the streets a civilian was saying something about “Pump and Dump time.” I’m sorry but that automatically made me think of a toilet joke.  Maxima showed up and made out with this random guy.  He eventually died from hormones shooting through the roof. So who else would investigate this but Lois and Clark.  I am really loving this whole Lois and Clark as partners thing, it’s like a dream come true.  

Jimmy showed up at the Talon, and found Chloe’s love letter that she wrote Clark in the episode “Fever” in the second season. They have a little fight, and he ended up being vulnerable.  So he went to the Ace of Clubs, or whatever the bar’s name is, and drank.  

Meanwhile, Maxima followed where the beacon was sent, and found Tess at Lex’s mansion.  She wanted to know where the Kryptonian was, and thought Tess was keeping him all for herself, and went to the Ace of Clubs to find whoever Tess was meeting up with.  She went to the bar, and found surprise surprise, Jimmy drinking it up. Thanks to the bartender telling Jimmy there are other fish in the sea, Maxima hit on Jimmy and he took the bait.  They made out, and Jimmy just about died before Clark saved him.  Maxima saw Clark’s act of heroism, and knew that he was who she was looking for.

At the hospital, Jimmy told Clark about Chloe’s letter, just before Chloe ran in asking what happened. He kissed a girl…and he liked it.

Clark was investigating more on what happened to Jimmy when Maxima showed up at the Daily Planet with him.  She gave him a kiss, and apparently she must have some Red Kryptonite on her lips, cause he went all un-Clark like and started kissing her back. Being a TV show, someone had to walk in on them, and you guessed it, that person was Lois Lane.  She looked a little hurt too.  Clark stopped making out with Maxima to explain himself to Lois.  

Lois left after a small fight with Clark, and Maxima ran into her and then a cat fight pursued.  Maxima’s all like HE’S MINE, and Lois is all like “THERE IS NO ROMANCE BETWEEN LOIS AND CLARK!” Then Maxima said, “YES THERE IS!” Lois replied “NO THERE ISN’T” You get the point.  Before Maxima killed Lois, Clark came in to save the day.  He then denied Maxima, and she was sucked into a purple portal of doom.  Or she went back to her home planet…who knows.

Towards the end, Clark read Chloe’s letter, to which she said you had you’re chance.  He did.  All he wants now is for her to be happy. Though he doesn’t want to miss the chance when his true love walks into his life.  (Lois)  He told her Jor-El might have the cure to Chloe’s new power, but she needs to get the crystal back.  So Chloe went to Tess to get the crystal, but Tess said it was stolen.  At the end, Tess got an email from “X” saying he/she has the crystal, and that she’s not ready yet.  X, is that Lex or Maxima…who knows.  Maybe we’ll find out soon! Peace out!


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