House – “No More Mr. Nice Guy” Recap

House started back up this week with ” No More Mr. Nice Guy.” The episode started off as an obvious joke off of the Writers Strike. I don’t remember what the were on strike about, but that is unimportant. An angry UPS worker comes up and Jeff, the happy man tries to give old grouchy UPS man a hug. That’s when Jeff fainted. Cue the intro credits:

House is sitting down in the ER after the beginning credits end. He notices Jeff, and asks “What’s with the idiot?” House finds that it is strange to not complain about anything, so he gathers his team together to try to give the man a name for his medical disorder that causes him to be happy. Hilarious. So while his team tries to find out what’s with Mr. Happy, House and Trace go bowling.

This scene accomplished nothing. The two discuss happiness, and how there can’t be too much. What the scene really indicated, was that House sucks at bowling, and Trace is a sharp shooter.

So House shows up at Wilson’s house next. He just wants to hang out, but Cut-throat doesn’t want them to. So they make an agreement when to hang out. Boring scene.

Then, of course, the team needs to break into the patients house to look for some kind of clue as to what is causing this man to love life. These are the scenes I never understand. How can they break-in? Do they get the patients permission? No, probably not. Oh well, its still entertaining.

So the first guess in many this episode for Mr. Happy’s problem. House guesses it is…. Williams Syndrome. Of course we find out the first guess is wrong when Mr. Happy starts seizing while singing badly to his wife.

Guess 2: Syphilis
Kumar from Harold & Kumar (Kutner) confirmed it was syphilis and asked the wife privately if she had an affair. She said no. Later found out not syphilis

Guess 3. Hepatitis
So the group decides he doesn’t have syphilis, but House does. Which explains why he is always angry. So they confront him and give him pills.

Guess 4:
Foreman guesses it is PFO. What the crap is that?

House pulls Wilson aside and tells him he switched out his blood to make it look like he had syphilis, so he would act nicer. Cut-throat then tells the team later on. So much for a perfect plan.

Guess 5:
Final guess made by House. Something called chagas. chagas is apparently a parasite, and is treatable. And they lived happily ever after. Or not. The end scene was cut-throat and House changing a old mans poopy diaper.

So another good House episode. Keep it up, FOX. Peace out!


Smallville – Sleeper: Recap 4.24.08

Smallville returned this week with another filler episode. That’s right, in my opinion, the writers of Smallville just sat around, and wrote a filler episode, just to fill in the gap from now, until Apocalypse, which airs next week. Here’s what went down:

“Olsen, James Olsen”

The first thing we see is this spy doing covert things, moving around, quick paced, like a ninja, then he scanned the eyes of an unknown man. He takes off his mask for us to see that it’s…. Jimmy! Secret agent man… Main mistake of this entire episode.

This whole episode revolves around Jimmy. It is a Jimmy episode, and even though it didn’t turn out as good as basically, any other episode, this season, or other seasons as well, Jimmy is cooler than Clark this season. I’m sorry. Season 7 kinda sucks. Clark isn’t ever doing anything. Though it is going to get better fast, or so I heard. The end is near.

So now Jimmy is cooking a hearty breakfast for his one and only, Chloe Sullivan, to spark up their relationship. Chloe said she’s been really busy with the Isis foundation, and is too busy to eat his breakfast this morning.

Jimmy is sad.

At the Isis Foundation, Chloe and Clark are searching desperately to find Brainiac. Clark gets an amazing thought. Maybe a sattelite picked up where they went! Chloe gets smart for a split second, and says something realistic. She says that she isn’t smart enough to get sattelite information. Clark though, still stuck in the Smallville bad writers club, said, “Chloe, you can do it!” Chloe just smiled and said, “Yeah, maybe I can!” Stupid

Meanwhile, back to Jimmy. Jimmy was stopped by this strange tall spy lady. She told Jimmy that Chloe was a terrorist. A few things were said here and there, but eventually Jimmy thought… “hmm…maybe she is!” Stupid.

So when Jimmy confronts Chloe at home, Chloe starts acting suspicious, (just like any terrorist would, of course) but only not to make Jimmy jealous of Clark. So Jimmy takes this suspicious actress, and says to himself, “She IS a terrorist! I knew it!” Stupid

Now for the good part of this entire episode, Lex’s storyline! Lex is ready to take his flight. His secret service man said there is a problem. Lex has been red flagged.

Lex ready to travel, there’s a delay. Red flagged. But somehow I don’t think Lex really cared…

So back to Jimmy, (sigh.) Jimmy broke into the Isis Foundation, because that’s apparently where Chloe is doing all of her covert terrorist-like plans! Jimmy doesn’t see anything too threatening until he sees, oh my goodness. Sattelite plans! Chloe, what have you been up to?

So Clark went back to Dr. Swann’s diary, where he finds a new page. A page that hasn’t been there before… Creepy. It said “Save Lana at Fortress.” So Clark gets up, rushes to find the key to the fortress.

Jimmy then confronts Clark at his barn about a secret he found out about. Everything Jimmy said sounded like he knew Clark’s secret. So Clark said he could explain. Good thing, Jimmy kept talking, because Clark found out Jimmy was talking about Chloe’s secret. Clark then gives a life lesson to Jimmy. He sure is a good advice giver! Too bad he never saves anyones lives anymore!

So after Jimmy left, Clark was finally able to go to the fortress. Where he asked what the heck Jor-El was talking about with Lana.

Clark hears Kara from the Fortress of Solitude.  This is  his, whaaa face.

Then Kara started talking. She said she was the one that sent out the transmission, not Jor-El. Then she said Brainiac is trying to kill you, and that she was on Krypton. Krypton?! What?! Didn’t that place blow up?

So Chloe was back looking at satellite images when she found the one she needed. Then she noticed Jimmy was hacking her computer, copying files.

Jimmy then was stopped outside calling Chloe to tell her he made a “huge mistake.” But then the strange spy lady stopped him, and gave him a bow tie, and told him to spy on Chloe some more. “Okay!” he said – stupid.

Now we really get into the James Bond 007 version of Jimmy Olsen. This was very stupid. Jimmy is not James Bond, nor will he ever be. Blah. So he and Chloe have a very Bondish dance while he sneaks some information from her, just like real spies do! This whole dance was filler, to fill in gaps for this freakishly boring episode.

“Man! I cannot figure out how to beat this game of solitaire!”

Now it was time for Chloe to be Mrs. Sneaky again. She breaks into a computer room. And looks stuff up. Then Jimmy went all ninja-mode, and we’re back to the beginning of the episode. He dropped from the ducts, and tazed some random old guy. Then he scanned his eye. You know I don’t really understand what that had to do with anything now that I think of it.

So as it turns out, everything Jimmy did was no use. All the information he gained was just a grociery list or something like that. So spy girl decides she has to do her own dirty work. So she busts in on Chloe working on the computer, and says she is under arrest. Jimmy, getting escorted away, turns around, and he does something with his suit, and a small dark came out of his suits arm to shoot the guy in the neck. Talk about James Bond… geez.

“Tell me where the bombs are!”

“I was just playing solitaire!”

So Chloe is officially getting beat down with an interogation by Mrs. Spy Lady. Chloe doesn’t budge. Possibly because she isn’t a terrorist. I’m just speculating though.

Jimmy saved the day with another super spy gadget of his…pepper spray…from a pen!

“Behold, the power of the pepper pen!”

Chloe and Jimmy fight now, about spying on each other. Unfortunatley that didn’t last long as they make up and kiss.

“Look, Chloe, I saved you! Which proves I’m better than Clark this season!”

Now. For the REAL purpose of this episode. Lex arrives in Zurich. What happened to that red flag? I don’t know, who cares, lets see whats in the box! So he opens the box, and nothing is in it! Oh wait, secret compartment underneath with an envelope. Inside was the compass we saw in previous trailers.

This compass may possibly be what leads him to the Fortress of Solitude! When Lex got up, somebody started choking Lex. Of course, you can’t stop Lex, he took over, and knocked out the guy. But not before the guy said “You’re not one of them”

At the end we have the scene from The Godfather. Lex being the Godfather. Jimmy walked in to see Lex, who said he cleared Chloe of all charges, but in return, he may need something from Jimmy one day.

One more thing. Clark and Chloe are discussing what happened at the Fortress. Chloe says that maybe, just maybe, Kara really is on Krypton, but in the past. And if he wants to live, he needs to go there too, to save himself. So…is he going to Krypton? Will we see Jor-El in the flesh? I hope so, check out next week! Peace Out!

LOST – The Shape of Things to Come – Recap 4.24.08

Lost is back, and better than ever! Tonight the season came back with a bang, with four characters killed off! Well only one was important, the others were just filler. Let’s get started on what went down!

First off we see Jack taking some medication, for what he described to be a “stomach bug” I was wondering if this could possibly be the start of a drug addiction, but due to the scenes for next week, that’s probably not the case. Suddenly we hear Bernard start shouting for help, so of course, hero Jack must see what the matter is. Washing ashore is a nasty dead body. One of the freighter people, which I’ve already forgotten his name, confirms that it was the doctor on his boat. What happened to him? I don’t know, we’ll have to find out next week possibly.

“We’re all gonna die” we see Hurley say. Turns out he’s just playing a game with Sawyer and Locke. Too bad, they made it all look dark and suspensful in the trailer. Perhaps a foreshadow?

We then cut to Alex being dragged through the forest to turn off the alarm for the crazy siren gates that kill you once you pass through. Alex puts in the code to turn off the gates. Who is the group that has her hostage, we’re about to find out. Right after this scene, Ben’s house phone rings. Once John picked it up, a female computer voice said “Code 14-J. When Mr. Clean (Locke) confronts Ben about it.

Ben freaks out and busts out the guns, and gets ready for a gun battle. “They’re coming!”

After the title, and commercials passed, we learned it was a Ben-centric episode, or more a Sayid and Ben-centric episode, as we’ll see later. In Ben’s flash-forward, we see him wake up in the middle of the Sahara Desert. In the desert he was wearing a heavy Dharma coat. You gotta think, that he must be very hot at that moment! A few moments later, two Arabian riders came along, pointing guns at him. Somehow Ben pulls a manouver, and kills them both, stealing one of their camels ad well. Does anyones else wonder how a guy that looks so puny take out so many people? I don’t care, its amazing!

Back on the island, just as the big showdown is about to happen, Sawyer finds it his duty to save Claire, who is sleeping in a house a couple blocks away. Sawyer goes on his rescue mission. Just then gun fires started shooting everywhere, Sawyer ducked for cover, where three unnecessry extras got shot, one by one, like a dominoe effect.

Sawyer then ran for Claire’s house when it exploded.

Thankfully, Claire was safe.

More of Ben’s flash-forward came back now. This time, we learn that it is October 21, 2005. On the TV, we see Sayid saying he just wants to bury his wife in peace. We later learn that his wife, is in fact, Nadia from previous Sayid-centric episodes.

Back on the island, Hurley breaks a window to help Sawyer to safety. After a few minutes of talking, the doorbell rings. Its Miles, the ghostbuster. He’s there to give Ben a walky talky to talk to the men attacking, who have his daughter.

Another flash forward shows Sayid taking pictures of a bald guy, and then Sayid. Sayid sees him, and attacks Ben as he is leaving the building. Ben explains he is trying to find Nadia’s killer, who was hired by Widmore. He shares some information with Sayid, which makes him noticeably angry with revenge.

Back on the island, Ben talks on the walky with the captain from the freighter. The captain then pulled Alex out from the woods and pointed a gun at Alex’s head and tells Ben to come out. Ben then tells him to get off the island and forget about its existence. The captain began counting down from ten or he’d kill Alex. Ben told her he had this under control, and not to worry, but too late, the captain shot her! Ben’s plan didn’t pan out too well. After a few minutes of shock, Ben opened a secret compartment and hid inside. Only for the viewer to be stuck with another flash-forward.

This time, we see Ben, once again trailing this bald guy, who, as it seems, killed Nadia. Ben then lost him, and he pointed a gun at Ben, and asked why he was following him. Before Ben really had time to answer him, the bald guy was shot by Sayid. Sayid understood that this was bigger than just that one guy, and voluntarily joined Ben to be his personal hit man. If you ask me, this scene was a little too much like Anikan turning to the dark side in Star Wars.

Back to the island! Ben comes back out of the compartment, and tells everyone to run on his command. When the all get out of the house, the smoke monster is taking care of the intruders. It looks like Ben told the monster what to do! That’s just plain crazy, folks! Then they ran out into the woods. But not before Ben says goodbye to his daughter.

On the beach, the losties are sending a mores code message asking what happened to the dead doctor. A few moments later there was a reply. The guy from the freighter said they didn’t say much about the doctor, but the helicopter will be coming back the next morning. Bernard stepped up and said it really said “What are you talking about? The doctors fine.” that’s when Jack asked if they were ever going to rescue them. They said no. Jack got ticked.

Back in the forest Johns group is headed off to see Jacob. Sawyer thinks that’s dumb or something, so he decided to split up and take Hurley with him. Locke then pulled a gun on Sawyer, he said he needs Hurley to guide him to the cabin. Sawyer pulls a gun on John. Hurley breaks them up by saying he’ll go with Locke.

The end scene was Ben heading up to a penthouse suite in London, where he met up with Charles Widmore sleeping. Widmore asks if he came to kill him. Ben said no, he was there for revenge. Widmore killed his daughter, now he was off to kill Widmore’s daughter, who as you may know, is Desmond’s girlfriend, Penny! What’s going to happen next? I don’t know I guess we’ll just have to wait won’t we?

In the trailer for next week, it looks like Jack collapses. Juliet says he will die. I’m skeptical, seeing how Jack’s in all those flash-forwards!

American Idol: Top 6 Results Show

Here we go. Time to see how well our Idols did tonight. I don’t know about all of you, but, it was a crazy episode in my opinion. Let me tell you something, while watching this episode, I was looking right, and I was looking left. Do you know what I saw? Everything that can go wrong, went wrong. What happened? Here’s what happened tonight:

Ryan announced that overnight, over 38 million votes were cast. After kissing Paula and Simon, Ryan went on to have a little interview with Andrew Lloyd Webber, because Andrew is not a singer, so he couldn’t perform. The interview was lengthy, and all I saw was filler. Boring.

Tonight, the group song was “All I Ask of You,” which was again, a boring song which I couldn’t get into. Maybe it was because it was a stage song, and those don’t suit idols too well. Nevertheless, it was boring. Ryan then went on to call out the two Davids. Both Davids were safe. That’s a no-brainer.

Up next was Brooke and Syesha. Even after her massive screw-up and boring song, Brooke was safe! Not even in the bottom two. That is insane. Syesha, who I thought did rather well was unsafe. Strange.

Jason Castro and Carly Smithson took the stage next. Jason was a trainwreck last night. Truly he would be in the bottom two right? No! Jason was safe, and Carly, Carly! Was unsafe. What is going on! Carly was my second favorite of last night. Carly and Syesha were the bottom two. So, from those two, I would right off the bat guess Syesha would be going home. She has had it coming to her for a while now, but who knows with how tonight was going. And there it went again! Carly was sent home! What the crap?! That’s some old bull crap right there. Peace Out.

On another note, Bush showed up on the screens to say hello. I half expected it to be Will Farell. Lol.

American Idol: Top 6 Performances

Tonight, the Top 6 sang songs from, Andrew Lloyd Webber.  Webber is most noticed for his masterpiece broadway musicals, including “The Phantom of the Opera,” and “Cats” along with many others.

First up was Syesha Mercado singing “One Rock & Roll too many.”  Andrew Lloyd Webber thought she would bring the house down with the song.  Randy said tonight, Syesha was in her element.  Paula said she agreed with Webber, and she brought the house down.  Simon said she was sexy tonight, and agreed with Randy, she was in her element.  I thought it was better than her previous songs. 4/5

Jason Castro was up next, singing “Memory”  Webber thought that Castro “Kind of” understood it, Randy said the vocals were a trainwreck, later saying Castro is a beautiful guy.  Paula said its usually a girl song, so thats why it didn’t work with him. Simon said it was like a young guy was forced by his parents to sing it at a wedding.  I was a little iffy about the whole thing. 3/5.  This “Memory” will easily be forgotten

Up third was Brooke White with “You Must Love Me.”  Webber said she had no clue what she was singing, but after he tought her what the song was about, he was pleased with how realistic she made it look.  She screwed up really bad when she begun, and had to start over.  Randy liked the fact that she believed what she was singing, but didn’t really like the song.  Paula said very firmly with a quiet crowd behind her to never start, then stop.  What Paula liked about the performance is that Brooke did not overact the part.  Simon said the performance was unconfortable.  I agree.  I gave it 2/5.  The worst performance of the night.

David Archuleta took the stage next with “Think of Me.”  Andrew Lloyd Webber told Archuleta to keep his eyes open in the song. Randy loved it and said it was the bomb, that Archie is the “one-to-be.”  Paula said it was “Perfect”  Simon said it was pleasant, and one of David’s weakest performances.  I give it 3.5/5.

Carly Smithson came on stage next singing “Superstar.”  Webber said she looked like a “happy girl”  Randy said it wasn’t the best from her, but definetly good.  Paula loved what she did with the song.  Simon said it was one of his favorite performances of the night.  I gave it 5/5.  It was good.

The last one on stage was David Cook singing “Music of the Night.”  Webber said he wished he was a 17 year old girl.  Randy said it was an amazing vocal, Paula said it was fantastic, and Simon said, its not the side of him he likes, but he made the most out of the song.  5/5, my favorite of the night.

Here are my predictions:

  1. David Cook
  2. Carly Smithson
  3. Syesha Mercado
  4. David Archuleta
  5. Jason Castro
  6. Brooke White

Smallville – Descent Recap 4.17.08

Holy Cow! What an episode. For weeks and weeks we’ve been getting dull episodes of Smallville. Mostly because Clarks never being Clark anymore. He just mopes around, and is Lana crazy. Now, today was a very good episode. It started off with a bang!

Lionel Luthor went to his office, where Lex met up with him, creeping out of the shadows of his dark office. Creepy. These two are the best speaking roles of Smallville, and they were arguing with each other. Amazing. Lex is looking for the other key, so he can know who once and for all, WHO the traveler is. Lionel says something crazy next, he told his son that he (Lex) was the traveler! Doesn’t make sense, but that’s interesting. Lex got upset with Lionel, grabbed his necklace, and pushed him out the window, killing him. Ahhhh Lionel is dead?? Noo

Clark and Chloe were working on finding Brainiac when the murder went down. He sees that Lex was there first thing when his father seemingly comitted suicide, Clark doesn’t believe it one bit. Lex heads back home to his mansion in Smallville.

At the mansion, Lex’s secretary showed her face again. She told Lex she was sorry to hear about Lionels death. She soon found out Lex killed him, because Lex was holding his fathers locket. She of course accepted Lex. When he opened the locket, bodda bing, it was empty, then somehow his secretary knew Lionel went to the basement of the Daily Planet right before he died. Lex is angry, goes after Chloe. Before he left, he spoke to his younger self. Its an interesting way of man battling self.

Back at Metropolis, Clark is in Lionels office, investigating. Inside Lionels safe, Clark finds a Kryptonian flashlight that Lionel somehow whipped up. Impressive. It told Clark about the two keys, and how they would somehow control him, and he needs to get a hold of those two keys.

Back at the Planet, (Daily Planet) Lois and Jimmy are working together again, they stumbled across a picture of Lionels murder, and they see that he was pushed, so they need to take the picture to Lana’s uber awesome computer technology to enhance the picture to see who killed Lionel. Before they go, they send a txt message to Chloe.

Chloe found the key Lionel left her, being the sneaky person she is, hid the key right back where she found it, in the front of her desk drawer. Lex pulled his magic trick again, and showed up out of no where. He wanted the key. Being the big detective he was, found it right away. Angry Lex then fired Chloe. Lex’s assistant was also at the Daily Planet, and found the txt to Chloe from Lois and Jimmy. Then she found the two, locked them in a freezer, and went to Lana’s computer room to delete the picture.

Then there was the confrontation between Lex and Clark. Clark wanted answers to what really happened. Lex said nothing, Clark said you killed him.

Meanwhile, Lex’s assistant found the pictures, and destroyed them, but not before Chloe saw the truth. She then saw Clark use his powers. Uh oh… She left a message saying she knew who the traveler was. Then someone showed up, sprayed her with asthma spray, then it looked like he left her there to die, but I’m skeptical.

Then there was the classic scene. Lex killed his younger self which has been haunting him all day. Killing him gave the viewer the knowlege that Lex has gone so far there is no going back. Its over for him. The last scene was Lionels funeral. And YES we finally reached their rivalry limit! They are in their spots!

Then the trailer was insane. It looks like Lex is going to find the fortress! I can’t wait! Peace out

American Idol: Top 7 Result Show – 4.16.08

Alright, here we go, as I sat down with my bag of Cheetos, I began to watch American Idol. The first thing I notice is the small green Fox logo on the bottom, did anyone else have that? Anyways it started off just like every results episode, the group sang a song together. They sung it exeptionally well, but it was kind of boring for me. Good thing they weren’t competing. Then Ryan began calling out the contestants name.

First off was Jason Castro. Instead of saying you’re safe, he told him to head to the right side. Usually that would mean they are safe, so automatically, that’s what I thought.

Then came David Cook, when Ryan told him to go to the left, I was like, what? Is he unsafe? What’s going on here?

Carly Smithson came out next, and was told to go to the right with Castro.

Christy Lee Cook came out next and was told to join David Cook. Both parties didnt make sense to me. On both parties, it looked like someone in that party should be a safe one, and unsafe, so I was interested in how they would play this one out.

The Idols music video then showed up. It was pretty funny. They were singing I want to break free while dressed up like marionettes.

Elliot Yamin then came on to sing, and I was like yeah whatever, get on with it.

Back to the Idols, Syesha came out next, and went to the right to join Castro and Carly

Brooke came out next and was sent to the left with both the Cooks.

Then when David Archuleta came out Ryan told him he was safe. I’m out of it, just sitting there, who is in the bottom three!? Ryan then told David Cook and Syesha to switch places. Ahh now I get it, now that the two switched, its easy to see that the bottom three is Syesha Mercado, Brooke White, and Christy Lee Cook. Syesha was the first to be told she is safe, which left Brooke and Christy. Christy then was told she was going home. 😦

I could have guessed it from the bottom two. From the bottom three, I could have sworn it was Syesha leaving, but no, she is safe, again. Brooke, I think, is too popular of a contestant to get booted from Idol at this point. Unfortunatly, its bound to happen sooner or later. Peace out!

American Idol: Top 7

Tonight the gang returned to sing songs from the pop singer, Mariah Carey. I have to admit, since I have held a firm standing belief that men on American Idol should never in a million years, sing womens songs. Though for some reason women can get away nicely singing male parts, dont ask me why, they just do. Anyways, the group have sung women songs before, with Dolly Parton, but her styles work well with both genders, unlike Mariah Carey. By the way, were they out of ideas when they picked her? She is not that memorable, at least not to me.

Well, the Idols gave some surprisingly strong performances tonight, as Simon said near the end that the men were the strongest ones in the competition this week. I think I know why. Other than Archuleta, who sang it like he always does, which was good, but not what I was looking for. David Cook and Jason Castro did what I wanted to hear. They took a girls song, tweaked with it, and made it their own in such a creative way. In the end it made me enjoy it more than I thought I would.

One of the mentionables in tonights competition is David Cook. He was the judges favorite performer tonight, and I agreed with the judges for once. I think he did a great job. He is one of the most creative singers that has ever been on the show. He continues to surprise me.

At one point, after Brooke sang, I got confused. The judges (mostly Simon) began comparing her to fast food. Something about getting a burger with just the bread and no meat. I was confused. Then Paula, being the stuttering bimbo that she is, repeated the same phrase over and over from the 80’s, “Wheres the Beef?” she must have said it like ten or fifteen times before she shut up. Then of course she brought it up again…booze.

I think the worst performer tonight, and has been for a few weeks now, is Syesha Mercado. She did an alright job, and that’s what she always does. Idol is not about being alright, its not about trying your hardest, it is about perfection. Something she simply does not have. So after watching the episode tonight, here is my list of the best to worst performances of the night.

1. David Cook
2. Christy Lee Cook
3. David Archuletta
4. Brooke White
5. Jason Castro
6. Carly Smithson
7. Syesha Mercado

That’s all for now, Peace out!

New Amsterdam Recap 4.14.08

Tonight was the first season finale of New Amsterdam after a full whopping 8 episodes…. Though who can blame them when writers all over the country decided to act like morons and protest. Back to the review. After John recovered from his near death gunshot wound, John wonders is Sara is the one he is meant to be with. This was only one of the plotlines of the episode that Amsterdam had to tackle with. There were two other basic storylines as always, the flashbacks, and the case he’s working on.

The flashbacks went right along with the case, a case about conning. The flashbacks and case reminded me a lot about a certain episode of ABCs popular show “LOST” called “The Long Con” it showed us yet again another personality that John had, a con artist. Man with all these different personalities, you would think he has a sever case of schizophrenia by now, but no. It had to deal with him getting romantic with a woman, but at the same time, conning her, to get a expensive piece of jewelry. He called the con, a long con.

In the present the show started off with John swimming in nothing but his birthday suit. That’s right, kids, he was butt naked. Totally unessesary, but funny. We then watch as we see him solve the case of a dead woman. Somehow or another he found out that it was a con, much like his flash back, and was able to do a long con himself to catch the perpetrator, good stuff.

Then at the end he broke up with his girlfriend.. Whaat? Well since he didnt die that must mean she’s not the one right? Noo you idiot, my theory is she just has to believe his story, and be able to accept it. Though if you ask me, she is kind of stupid if she doesn’t believe him. She has seen him die, twice and come back fine. Helllooooo.. Oh and Johns partner at the force, she’s just as dumb, everyone has said he looks like someone from the past, and she doesn’t think anything of it! She’s just looking around the room, and sees some flowers, ooh pretty….

Now were stuck wondering what’s going to happen next. I hope that this show does get picked up for another season. There are some things I just want to see done before its done. Mostly the fact that I want to see him become mortal. I dont want to have it end only to not know if he will be living forever to never die, come on. The man needs to rest in peace. He already has 400 years of memories. That’s got to be painful…

That’s all for now, peace out!

New Amsterdam review 04.07.08

Today we had an average episode of “New Amsterdam.” This episode was about John’s first partner in the force. His first partner is battling the last stages of his leukemia, and the idea is, years ago he was shot, and the gunpowder spread in his blood system to give him cancer. So he is slowly dying from getting shot years ago. Now on the last week of his life he decides he wants to know who his killer is, and he wants Amsterdam to be the detective. Geez! Give the guy a break! At least hire him to find your killer a month ahead of your expected death!

Of course every episode has its LOST-like flashback scenes. Usually on New Amsterdam, the flashbacks tell a story all by themselves, I guess this is true for this episode, but unlike most episodes, I didn’t really care what happened in the flashback. I was mostly saying, “Yeah, whatever, let’s get back to the real storyline.” The flashbacks were about Amsterdam’s first day on the force, and meeting his first partner, interesting, but let’s just face the facts, I don’t care.
His first partner also had flashbacks in this. Only to tell how he was shot years ago, but those were the flashbacks where I was wondering, what’s going to happen next?

Also for being his last week to live, this man can walk around town remarkably well. He’s walking around all of New York. I’d think that would just kill him right there. One thing that made me wonder was, right after they found a dead body on the ground just outside Coney Island, its a crime scene, and yet, three feet away, there a bystander walking around with a metal detector, they would never allow that.

So finally, they catch his first partners killer, his first partner… I got a little confused at that part, but it had something to do with the bullet Amsterdam found in the sand with the metal detector. So, yay! He found the killer, then they celebrated by going onto the famous Ferris wheel recreating a scene from “Cloverfield” Then his partner died. 😦

The episode ended pretty good. It was the most interesting part of the entire episode. Supposedly Sarah is his ‘person to be with’ the person his soul is to be wed with, supposedly, which would make him mortal. But then, BAM he got shot! In the end he wakes up, but he thought he died, because he was supposed to be mortal, but he’s not, hmm. My theory is she needs to believe him in what he told her. She needs to believe he is 400 years old. She has to accept it, and still love him, only then, I believe he can be mortal.
That’s all, peace out!