American Idol: Top 7 Result Show – 4.16.08

Alright, here we go, as I sat down with my bag of Cheetos, I began to watch American Idol. The first thing I notice is the small green Fox logo on the bottom, did anyone else have that? Anyways it started off just like every results episode, the group sang a song together. They sung it exeptionally well, but it was kind of boring for me. Good thing they weren’t competing. Then Ryan began calling out the contestants name.

First off was Jason Castro. Instead of saying you’re safe, he told him to head to the right side. Usually that would mean they are safe, so automatically, that’s what I thought.

Then came David Cook, when Ryan told him to go to the left, I was like, what? Is he unsafe? What’s going on here?

Carly Smithson came out next, and was told to go to the right with Castro.

Christy Lee Cook came out next and was told to join David Cook. Both parties didnt make sense to me. On both parties, it looked like someone in that party should be a safe one, and unsafe, so I was interested in how they would play this one out.

The Idols music video then showed up. It was pretty funny. They were singing I want to break free while dressed up like marionettes.

Elliot Yamin then came on to sing, and I was like yeah whatever, get on with it.

Back to the Idols, Syesha came out next, and went to the right to join Castro and Carly

Brooke came out next and was sent to the left with both the Cooks.

Then when David Archuleta came out Ryan told him he was safe. I’m out of it, just sitting there, who is in the bottom three!? Ryan then told David Cook and Syesha to switch places. Ahh now I get it, now that the two switched, its easy to see that the bottom three is Syesha Mercado, Brooke White, and Christy Lee Cook. Syesha was the first to be told she is safe, which left Brooke and Christy. Christy then was told she was going home. 😦

I could have guessed it from the bottom two. From the bottom three, I could have sworn it was Syesha leaving, but no, she is safe, again. Brooke, I think, is too popular of a contestant to get booted from Idol at this point. Unfortunatly, its bound to happen sooner or later. Peace out!


American Idol: Top 7

Tonight the gang returned to sing songs from the pop singer, Mariah Carey. I have to admit, since I have held a firm standing belief that men on American Idol should never in a million years, sing womens songs. Though for some reason women can get away nicely singing male parts, dont ask me why, they just do. Anyways, the group have sung women songs before, with Dolly Parton, but her styles work well with both genders, unlike Mariah Carey. By the way, were they out of ideas when they picked her? She is not that memorable, at least not to me.

Well, the Idols gave some surprisingly strong performances tonight, as Simon said near the end that the men were the strongest ones in the competition this week. I think I know why. Other than Archuleta, who sang it like he always does, which was good, but not what I was looking for. David Cook and Jason Castro did what I wanted to hear. They took a girls song, tweaked with it, and made it their own in such a creative way. In the end it made me enjoy it more than I thought I would.

One of the mentionables in tonights competition is David Cook. He was the judges favorite performer tonight, and I agreed with the judges for once. I think he did a great job. He is one of the most creative singers that has ever been on the show. He continues to surprise me.

At one point, after Brooke sang, I got confused. The judges (mostly Simon) began comparing her to fast food. Something about getting a burger with just the bread and no meat. I was confused. Then Paula, being the stuttering bimbo that she is, repeated the same phrase over and over from the 80’s, “Wheres the Beef?” she must have said it like ten or fifteen times before she shut up. Then of course she brought it up again…booze.

I think the worst performer tonight, and has been for a few weeks now, is Syesha Mercado. She did an alright job, and that’s what she always does. Idol is not about being alright, its not about trying your hardest, it is about perfection. Something she simply does not have. So after watching the episode tonight, here is my list of the best to worst performances of the night.

1. David Cook
2. Christy Lee Cook
3. David Archuletta
4. Brooke White
5. Jason Castro
6. Carly Smithson
7. Syesha Mercado

That’s all for now, Peace out!

New Amsterdam Recap 4.14.08

Tonight was the first season finale of New Amsterdam after a full whopping 8 episodes…. Though who can blame them when writers all over the country decided to act like morons and protest. Back to the review. After John recovered from his near death gunshot wound, John wonders is Sara is the one he is meant to be with. This was only one of the plotlines of the episode that Amsterdam had to tackle with. There were two other basic storylines as always, the flashbacks, and the case he’s working on.

The flashbacks went right along with the case, a case about conning. The flashbacks and case reminded me a lot about a certain episode of ABCs popular show “LOST” called “The Long Con” it showed us yet again another personality that John had, a con artist. Man with all these different personalities, you would think he has a sever case of schizophrenia by now, but no. It had to deal with him getting romantic with a woman, but at the same time, conning her, to get a expensive piece of jewelry. He called the con, a long con.

In the present the show started off with John swimming in nothing but his birthday suit. That’s right, kids, he was butt naked. Totally unessesary, but funny. We then watch as we see him solve the case of a dead woman. Somehow or another he found out that it was a con, much like his flash back, and was able to do a long con himself to catch the perpetrator, good stuff.

Then at the end he broke up with his girlfriend.. Whaat? Well since he didnt die that must mean she’s not the one right? Noo you idiot, my theory is she just has to believe his story, and be able to accept it. Though if you ask me, she is kind of stupid if she doesn’t believe him. She has seen him die, twice and come back fine. Helllooooo.. Oh and Johns partner at the force, she’s just as dumb, everyone has said he looks like someone from the past, and she doesn’t think anything of it! She’s just looking around the room, and sees some flowers, ooh pretty….

Now were stuck wondering what’s going to happen next. I hope that this show does get picked up for another season. There are some things I just want to see done before its done. Mostly the fact that I want to see him become mortal. I dont want to have it end only to not know if he will be living forever to never die, come on. The man needs to rest in peace. He already has 400 years of memories. That’s got to be painful…

That’s all for now, peace out!

New Amsterdam review 04.07.08

Today we had an average episode of “New Amsterdam.” This episode was about John’s first partner in the force. His first partner is battling the last stages of his leukemia, and the idea is, years ago he was shot, and the gunpowder spread in his blood system to give him cancer. So he is slowly dying from getting shot years ago. Now on the last week of his life he decides he wants to know who his killer is, and he wants Amsterdam to be the detective. Geez! Give the guy a break! At least hire him to find your killer a month ahead of your expected death!

Of course every episode has its LOST-like flashback scenes. Usually on New Amsterdam, the flashbacks tell a story all by themselves, I guess this is true for this episode, but unlike most episodes, I didn’t really care what happened in the flashback. I was mostly saying, “Yeah, whatever, let’s get back to the real storyline.” The flashbacks were about Amsterdam’s first day on the force, and meeting his first partner, interesting, but let’s just face the facts, I don’t care.
His first partner also had flashbacks in this. Only to tell how he was shot years ago, but those were the flashbacks where I was wondering, what’s going to happen next?

Also for being his last week to live, this man can walk around town remarkably well. He’s walking around all of New York. I’d think that would just kill him right there. One thing that made me wonder was, right after they found a dead body on the ground just outside Coney Island, its a crime scene, and yet, three feet away, there a bystander walking around with a metal detector, they would never allow that.

So finally, they catch his first partners killer, his first partner… I got a little confused at that part, but it had something to do with the bullet Amsterdam found in the sand with the metal detector. So, yay! He found the killer, then they celebrated by going onto the famous Ferris wheel recreating a scene from “Cloverfield” Then his partner died. 😦

The episode ended pretty good. It was the most interesting part of the entire episode. Supposedly Sarah is his ‘person to be with’ the person his soul is to be wed with, supposedly, which would make him mortal. But then, BAM he got shot! In the end he wakes up, but he thought he died, because he was supposed to be mortal, but he’s not, hmm. My theory is she needs to believe him in what he told her. She needs to believe he is 400 years old. She has to accept it, and still love him, only then, I believe he can be mortal.
That’s all, peace out!

American Idol Top 9

You know what I love about this show? The fact that all of the singers in this competition are better than most pop singers of today. For example, every concert I have ever been to where an artist isn’t lip-sinking, you always hear them either out of breath, raspy, or really pitchy in a lot of places. The contestants in this show sound absolutley perfect. Almost as if they are faking it. But its been proven that they are really singing.

This week the gang sang songs from Dolly Parton, and they all did really well. Here are my ranks –

1. David Archuleta
2. Sayesha Mercado
3. Carly Smithson
4. Jason Castro
5. David Cook
6. Brook White
7. Michael Johns
8. Kristy Lee Cook
9. Ramiele Malubay

Parental Control – Fact or Fiction?

The concept is simple. Parents try to break their children up with the person they are dating because they believe their child deservers more. But is it real? There is a pretty good chance the whole thing is an act, but here are my theories on the tv show.

The first thing you have to look at are the characters of the show, AT MOST, the characters are probably real people, which would explain the horrible acting. Some people just aren’t born to act like others are, so they end up looking ridiculous. The parents, their child, and their significant other are all probably real. The people the parents choose for their children to go on blind dates with are most likely real as well.

The auditions for the date are without doubt the most real part of each episode. Thats the only part of the entire episode that looks real. Another thing that looks real but is semi-hidden is the feelings of everyone involved. The show is meant to be funny, so the players involved are told not to look hurt, but sometimes its easy to see that.

That’s another thing, the parents think their kid’s boyfriend/girlfriend is not right for them, yet I find quite frequently that the rudest people in the show ARE the parents.

Anyways back to what’s real and fake. Everything else in the show is fake, everything, even the TV. If you look closely, they aren’t really watching a television, its put in there digitally. Every line is scripted in the show. The choice at the end that the parent’s children make is probably real. Though if their kid’s choose one of their blind dates, what happens afterwords? Do they live a long and happy relationship? Or do they end it the next day, afterall, they got their money didnt they?

I have lots of problems with this show, one being, that the kids have absolutley no problem going on two blind dates with other people. Disregarding their boyfriend/girlfriend completley. One of the other problems I had was the incredible disrespect the parents gave to their kid’s significant other.

One thing I can say about the show that I do like, and I hate this, is that I have to see how it all plays out in the end. Now I don’t care about all the crap in-between if they cut right to the choice, that would be great. But no, they have to show the dates, which by the way are completly scripted as well. For example one date the blind date said he had “connections” with six flags on a day so convieniently was closed to the public, so they had the whole park to themselves…. Yeah his connections was MTV.

One other thing, every episode shows a parent talking about their kid in the beginning, showing a nice montage of them, while they talk about how bad their kid’s boyfriend/girlfriend is, they show a bad montage of them. Now in order for them to pull that off, MTV would need their consent, which means they were probably paid a ton to make themselves look bad. One last thing before I go, one word of advice to the blind dates, don’t ever, EVER get the girl or guy a gift! Cause they will just take it back home, and their significant other will just brutally distroy those gifts. (Probably ordered by MTV)

Peace Out.