Weekly Announcements

You can also catch these announcements in our Smaller on the Outside podcast on the following dates:

Announcements for 03/31/2014

  • Stitcher
    • From what we can tell, Stitcher actually downloads your podcast and puts it on their server, so long after we delete it from our server – you can still find our older episodes on Stitcher, which we think is really good. We will still release complete seasons available for download, but this should be a solid way to stream and download our podcast. It’s actually a lot smarter than what iTunes does, which is really helpful, so thank you, Stitcher.
  • 24: Deadline
    • We mentioned before about 24 having a comic book linking the events between the eighth and ninth season, and news has just come out of a new 24 novel called “24: Deadline” that occurs only one hour after the eighth season. Also, on Barnes & Noble, it is listed as 24 Series #1, hinting at more 24 books.
    • There’s no word yet if this will carry on in the same format as the 24: Declassified books or not, or even if it will take place in 24 hours.
    • The Author is a James Swallow, who I know for a fact wasn’t one of the Declassified writers, so there’s substantial reason to think this specific novel might be different. The declassified novels were prequels, but these are sequels, which means they might actually reference actual 24 episodes and seasons, so I’m definitely excited.
  • C2E2
    • The actors who portray Bill Buchannon, Tony Almeida, and Edgar Styles (all acting in season five of 24) will be at the C2E2 convention in Chicago around the weekend of April 25th. It would be amazing to go see this, but we have no money and there’s a slight chance the 24 conference would be incredibly spoilery for 24: LAD.
  • Veronica Mars
    • It’s possible that if we didn’t talk about 24 this season of Smaller on the Outside, we would have talked about Veronica Mars, because we were watching the entire series right alongside 24, in preparation for the Veronica Mars Movie.  However, we did a video review for the movie on my movie review site – DaveExaminesMovies.Com – so check that out when you get the chance.
  • Technical Difficulties
    • We just keep running into problems with Smaller on the Outside. Last time, we plugged the microphone into the wrong socket. After that, my computer completely fried after recording for Season 4. However, I was able to back up everything, so the episode was saved, and hopefully nothing bad will happen after this recording.

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