Weekly Announcements

You can also catch these announcements in our Smaller on the Outside podcast on the following dates:

Announcements for 03/03/2014

  • Heroes: Reborn
    • Following in 24’s footsteps, it was announced on February 22nd that another one of our favorite shows would be coming back for a 13-episode mini series. This actually opens up future possibilities for Smaller on the Outside, mimicking what we did for 24 – a series rewatch of all four volumes (available on Netflix Instant Streaming) leading up all the way to Heroes: Reborn as well as the digital web series leading up to the new season.
    • We’re still a ways off until the series begins (2015), so there’s no telling if we’ll actually make a season devoted to Heroes or not. If we do, then it wouldn’t be until our sixth or seventh season, after the next season of Doctor Who.
  • Inspector Spacetime
    • As you know, Smaller on the Outside is devoted to all things Doctor Who, which includes things that totally aren’t actually Doctor Who, but are supposed to be…sorta. It’s pretty well-known that NBC’s Community has it’s own spoof version of DW called Inspector Spacetime, and it was just announced that there will actually be a Inspector Spacetime movie coming to theaters. It apparently will also star Sylvester McCoy
  • Only 24 Podcast?
    •  In our last podcast, Dave mentioned that we might be the only 24 podcast out there. Given the time since 24’s last episode, that wouldn’t be so farfetched of a theory, but alas, he didn’t have to look very far, there are at least two active 24 podcasts including a podcast called The 24 Podcast.
  • Podcast Shoutout
    • Our next episode will give a shoutout to The Kurt and Jeff Show congratulating them on taking the big step into the world of podcasting.
    • This podcast is run by Kurt Richardson, and it is an uncensored look at life. From comic books to the paranormal, there’s nothing these two won’t talk about. You can find them on their blog, Facebook, and iTunes. Congratulations and good luck on the podcast, Kurt and Jeff!

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