Spring TV 2014 – True Detective

It’s the new year, and you know what that means – new shows. Every year, we are bamboozled with an assortment of TV shows in both the spring and fall. Fall tends to be the time everyone pays attention to, but Spring sometimes has a lot of great shows in store as well. While we at Smaller on the Outside kind of ignore the returnning shows, we take a closer look at the new spring line-up.

6. True Detective


I heard of True Detective a long time ago thinking it wasn’t a TV show. Everything pointed to movie and I think I know why. Apart from having Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson in the leads, the production quality of this series looks really professional that anyone could mistake it as a film. But no, it is on the list for Spring TV. It heads up against Black Sails at some point, but even though I haven’t seen Black Sails, I’m still worried about the outcome…


  1. McConaughey and Harrelson

    • These two in a movie together would be awesome, these two in a TV show together is just too shocking to be real…and yet it is. Anyone who is anyone would know that these two have real talent in the world of filmmaking, so who wouldn’t want to watch a show featuring these guys?
  2. Visuals
    • The show looks fantastic. Like I said, production value and quality here is supreme…but what do you expect coming from an HBO series?
  3. Premise
    • The premise holds promise. Because it shoots back and forth to 17 years in the future, it drops hints at how far ahead they’ve actually planned the series going. I mean, the entire time frame of the show is 17 years…that’s a lot of opportunity.


  1. Characters

    • I don’t care about any of the characters, including from McConaughey and Harrelson. I know they can act up a storm, but as far as their characters? I could really care less…I see nothing special about their characters. I see depth, and I see stuff they can build on, but so far…I really don’t care about them.
  2. Boring
    • I wouldn’t necessarily call this show a noir, but it is darn near, and I hate noirs. It’s like a modern noir, where the narrator is just a guy telling a story in the near future, but the tones and the dreary acting is too noir-like to ignore.  I just see these noirs and I start to fall asleep, I start to look at my watch every five minutes, and the ability to get distracted skyrockets. I’m sorry, but this one factor made the show colossally inferior to others in my opinion.

So, this show heads up against Black Sails in a little over a week, which gives me another chance to watch another episode…which I will. I will give this show ONE more shot, and hey…Black Sails always has a chance to absolutely suck…so we’ll see…but right now – I don’t know.


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