Weekly Announcements

You can also catch these announcements in our Smaller on the Outside podcast on the following dates:

Announcements for 02/03/2014

  • 24: Live Another Day Premiere date
    • 24: Live Another Day has an official premiere date, which is Monday, May 5th. There is a two-hour premiere at 8:00 EST, and it returns to its normal 9:00 EST slot the following week.
    • What that means for Smaller on the Outside is one of our Season 3 episodes has to be moved up a week. Normally, our last episode would have aired on May 12th, but by moving one of the episodes up a week, our last episode will release the morning of 24: Live Another Day‘s premiere
  • Super Bowl 2014
    • While the Super Bowl isn’t relevant to Smaller on the Outside, news recently came out about the first preview for 24: Live Another Day will release during the Super Bowl. For those of you that are like us, you might want to plug your ears and look away, even though it’ll be really tempting to watch every second.
  • 24: Live Another Day Prequel
    • There will be a prequel comic book released in April that will supposedly connect what happens between Season 8 and LAD.

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