Spring TV 2014 – Bitten

It’s the new year, and you know what that means – new shows. Every year, we are bamboozled with an assortment of TV shows in both the spring and fall. Fall tends to be the time everyone pays attention to, but Spring sometimes has a lot of great shows in store as well. While we at Smaller on the Outside kind of ignore the returnning shows, we take a closer look at the new spring line-up.

5. Bitten


Bitten is the show heading up against Helix, and the reason for that is pretty much because these are the only two shows on standard cable. I was interested in seeing it, however, if only because Laura Vandervoort played the main character. In a word, interesting, but a bit of a True Blood wannabe. That can be a good thing, because True Blood is an amazing show, but that just means a wannabe show has little more to offer.


  1. Laura Vandervoort
    • This girl can act. She knows her potential and the characters she likes to play: Unique, sexy, and powerful. Without a doubt, she once again fits comfortably in her role. Out of the entire show, I’d actually say she has the most to offer, and the most inner mysteries surrounding her life. I’ll keep watching for an episode or two because I have faith in her.
  2. Tones
    • When I said this was a True Blood wannabe, I was directly referring to the tones: Dark, supernatural, horror, violent, romantic, and sexy. The tones themselves are open to suggestion and can be skewed to fit the show itself better, but I fear that wanting to be just like True Blood will drive the show mad, and the restrictions of a standard cable channel will ultimately drag it down. It needs to realize and accept its limits in order to work.
  3. Premise
    • We have way too many vampire shows, why not have a unique werewolf show? All we normally get is vampire shows and other paranormal shows where werewolves make a guest appearance. Are they not good enough to have their own show?
  4. Visuals
    • I don’t have much to add here, but I thought it’d be really good to add that the transformations are really good. Not perfect, but I was impressed nonetheless. None of that Twilight crap of jumping into dog form. Actual Animorphs-like transformations.


  1. Everyone else

    • Laura is cool, man, she’s awesome, but everyone else can kiss my butt. I just finished watching the premiere, and already their names and faces are slipping from my mind. They don’t make a lasting impression, at least not at this point. I understand the need to create character development over time, but first impressions are important.
  2. Werewolfs
    • I feel so bad for needing to bring this up, but those aren’t werewolves. I’ve seen enough paranormal and supernatural media to know exactly what these people are – shapeshifters, or skinwalkers. They transform into wolves, not werewolves, which is supposed to be a half man/half beast hybrid. I know there are different kinds of werewolves, but I’ve never cared for the kind that just turned into wolves. I know…True Blood does the same thing, but their human personalities totally reflect their animalistic side, which is hugely important, and I didn’t really see much of that here.

Now, I’m not saying that it’s a bad show, but there are some things that I think hurt the show. It’s definitely a bold show, and that wins it some props, but I think it needs to work on some of its self-aware elements. Against Helix, this show pretty much had no chance, even though it was a bit of an apples and oranges situation.


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