Spring TV 2014 – Helix

It’s the new year, and you know what that means – new shows. Every year, we are bamboozled with an assortment of TV shows in both the spring and fall. Fall tends to be the time everyone pays attention to, but Spring sometimes has a lot of great shows in store as well. While we at Smaller on the Outside kind of ignore the returnning shows, we take a closer look at the new spring line-up.

4. Helix


As far as new shows go, Helix was never one on my radar. It was just another random new show that showed up on a huge list of new 2014 shows, but I’m glad I actually watched it. There is a lot of thrills and mystery to this show to which I haven’t seen in a long time. It’s been compared to The Walking Dead, and for good reason. Even though it is clearly it’s own show taking its own path, it has a lot of similarities in terms of professionalism and insanity.


  1. Mystery
    • Clearly, there was a lot of thought that was put into this series, and that is an understatement. After watching that first episode, it isn’t hard to see what the series is going for in terms of entertainment, but they have so much in store for us that it’s hard not to love the show.
  2. Cinematography
    • This is a very beautiful show, and that’s sometimes hard to say for SyFy series. Battlestar Galactica was another, but it’s hard to find series that work really well from the get go. The way this show looks as well as operates on a scene-by-scene basis is brilliant, it looks like a movie, and the music choice is an oddly chilling choice, but somehow works for the show.
  3. Promise
    • As we’ve seen in other thriller shows like The Walking Dead, a show like this has a lot of promise and can literally go in any direction it pleases with an audience equally satisfied in the decision. It leaves the options open for theories, and that’s always good for a TV show.


  1. Story progression

    • I can go either way on this one, but when we’re talking about the story itself, it is about a CDC team investigating the cause of an outbreak, and I’m guessing that would move onto a cure. I’m sure there are stages to the show, but as far as story progression goes, I can’t see this getting past one season. Now, they could go a completely different route and have one of the infected get into the US or something, but I don’t think they’ll take that route quite yet.
  2. Characters
    • They are trying to get some really cool characters, but right now I’m not feeling them as much as I probably should. Billy Campbell is an awesome guy, and I would say the same for his role in The 4400, and it’s true, I like his character here, but I’m not so sure about everyone else. I get that a lot of them have the makings of real character development and not everything has been answered yet, but…can’t help but think other shows have better characters.

The show this will be going against is the other standard cable TV show on the list, Bitten, which I guess you could consider another infection show, but that’s grasping at straws. As for now, I’ll give this show some high praise – that I can totally see this show as podcast-worthy.


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