Spring TV 2014 – Intelligence

It’s the new year, and you know what that means – new shows. Every year, we are bamboozled with an assortment of TV shows in both the spring and fall. Fall tends to be the time everyone pays attention to, but Spring sometimes has a lot of great shows in store as well. While we at Smaller on the Outside kind of ignore the returnning shows, we take a closer look at the new spring line-up.

1. Intelligence


Let’s be clear about something; I know, you know, we all know that the new show Intelligence is a rip-off of the popular spy show Chuckwhich aired it’s final episode in 2012. You got these two spy shows with a man that is the government’s best kept secret because his head is a computer connected to the CIA’s database, the internet, live feeds, etc. Just like Chuck

Hold your horses, though, just because it is a rip-off doesn’t necessarily mean that’s a bad thing. Some people lack the ability to be creative in the sense of story formation, but are killer after the fact. Intelligence isn’t a comedy like Chuck was, it was an action drama, kind of like the difference between Psych and The Mentalist. That’s positive factor #1. Let’s list some other factors:

  1. Different genre
    • By changing the genre, you change the theme. By changing the theme, you change the show overall in theory, which is also a good thing for story development.
  2. The “intersect”
    • Probably not the name of the computer chip in this guys head, but the way they introduced it in the show was at least captivating-enough to watch. There is clearly a lot they can do with it, and I hope they don’t forget that, and I hope they can keep it up.
  3. Josh Holloway
    • While his performance was rather forgettable in this episode, we all know the man can act (LOST), it’s just a matter of how long it will take for him to prove himself here, because we can’t wait forever, Sawyer. After all, we weren’t all that interested in your character from LOST until you shot a bear.
  4. Visuals
    • I’ll get more into this in the negative section, but the reason people will want to see this series, for the most part, will want to see it for the visuals – which in the pilot were pretty stunning.

Let’s not forget about some negative factors.

  1. Characters
    • All of the characters and casting were at least presented as a disgrace. So far. You don’t care about the characters, and you suddenly forget the whole Sawyer thing, because his character just gets lost on you.
  2. Plots
    • Like characters, you just don’t care about the plot either. It’s just so much more humdrum than it should be, and I don’t know if they can save themselves from it.
  3. Chuck
    • Even people who never even watched the show know this is an overt rip-off. I don’t know if anyone would watch because of the fact. The intersect is clearly the intersect, and the female agent is clearly Sarah Walker…just in the drama genre.
  4. Visuals
    • The visuals were without the doubt the best part of the episode, without it, the show would fail miserably. I don’t think they can keep up with what they showed us here. It’s like they kept all of their best tricks for the premiere, and the visuals will pale for the rest of the series.

So pretty much, a lot of their positives were also their negatives, and the future of the series is just…it’s looking grim if I can say so.  I want to like it, I’ll admit, but doing so may be forcing more than I will allow.


3 thoughts on “Spring TV 2014 – Intelligence”

    1. Well, it’s a possibility at least, one that I think has a higher chance than Killer Women to pull off. Killer Women has no visuals and still is lacking story and characters

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