Smaller on the Outside | S02E04: The Sign of Three


The third season of Sherlock is proving to be quite an interesting season. Time and time again, it has proved itself in terms of smarts and humor, often overlapping one another, and there is no exception here. Being the middle episode of the series, it didn’t have much to prove but to just be a great episode, and it sure was.

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Episode 04: “The Sign of Three” [download]

Smaller-on-the-Outside-Logo00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:58 – Announcements
00:07:59 – “The Sign of Three” episode discussion
00:15:45 – Thoughts on the episode
00:17:24 – Deducing the mysteries
00:31:23 – Coming up on SOTO
00:32:05 – Outro

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