Weekly Announcements

You can also catch these announcements in our Smaller on the Outside podcast on the following dates:

Announcements for 01/13/2014

  • Sherlock Season 4 & 5 officially confirmed by Steven Moffat
    • Says “The ideas are the best we’ve ever had”
  • Spring TV 2014 has begun
    • TV Battle on our Facebook Page
    • Individual articles on our Smaller on the Outside website.
  • Season 3 (formatting options)
    • When it comes to the FOX hit show, 24, there is clearly a lot of ground to cover, so we have come up with three specific options on how to do that. The options can be found below, and Dave and Andy will discuss them on the upcoming podcast episode.
  • One episode/three shift plan
    • There are always twenty-four episodes in any given season of 24, and according to their Wiki page, every season follows a three-act format. Instead of three acts, we’d call it three shifts (1st, 2nd, 3rd shift). This is the original plan for SOTO Season Three, but because there are eight seasons of 24, that means watching four episodes a day (not including edit day) for almost two months straight, which can be a hassle.
  • Two episode/four shift plan
    • To make SOTO Season Three less hectic, an alternate plan was put together that would change the season from eight episodes to sixteen. We would split a full season into two podcast episodes and instead of three shifts, there would be four (morning, afternoon, evening, and night). This seems like an easier, more logical choice, as the third season would start two weeks after the second season’s finale,  but then we’d be doing the third season for a third of the year…which is a lot.
  • One episode/three shift plan – revised
    • This plan is kind of a mixture between the two options above…a…compromise if you will. Basically, the third season would start off in the beginning of February, and follow the first option’s format, but instead of being every week, it would be every other week.
  • Tune into Smaller on the Outside | S02E03: His Last Vow for the discussion and final decision.

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