Catching Up on More Good Stuff!

As you know, our obsession with ‘Doctor Who’ is unfathomably unhealthy. As such, we tend to lose track of the other things on TV that people like to say is also entertaining. Those other people must not watch ‘Doctor Who’, because if they did, they would simply know that nothing could match the level of entertainment that ‘Doctor Who’ brings to the table. As it is, this is our mini-recaps of the episodes of TV that aired in the last week. Check it out!

Bates Motes | S01E04: “Trust Me”


bm_11062012_jl_8054_FULLIn this episode, we get back to where we left off, Norman finding a tied up girl in the basement of the deputies house…or did he? We already know that the whole reason he was there to begin with was because his “mother” told him to, his “mother” that didn’t exist, very Psycho-ish. Well he came back and told Norma, but she didn’t believe him, and when she checked for herself, the body wasn’t there. Growing suspicions also lead the cops to arrest Norma for murder while Norman is getting laid…yes Norman, the guy you think is a 40 year-old virgin when you see him in “Psycho”guess not. Despite the questionable material, this was a very entertaining episode.

Glee | S04E18: “Shooting Star”


418Frickin’ crazy episode. It’s the end of days on Glee, or at least that is what the gang thinks when Britney tells everyone a meteor is set to strike down any day. So, it is time to carpe diem and sing as if it was their last chance. Ryder thinks he finds the girl who he’s been chatting with online, so he decides to sing to this stranger. Turns out the stranger likes him, but she isn’t the girl who he’s been texting. We still don’t know who it is. Miss Beast wants Will to be her man, but he has to put it lightly that he’s back with Emma. Finally, the school falls victim to a shooting, it was only Becky freaking out, but it makes everyone rethink their lives. Sue takes the fall for the shooting, calling it an accident, and gets fired. Looks like the New Directions will be falling into some new directions soon.

Hannibal | S01E02: “Amuse-Bouche”


102We have a weird one this week. You will be able to follow the story for the most part, but it gets confusing as to why the killer was doing what he was doing (other than being a psychopath of course). Basically, there are these people, buried underground, some are dead, some are hanging on to their lives, but just by barely. Will Graham finds out they were fed sugar, because they were all diabetics. The killer wanted these people to suffer. Something about burying them to make mushrooms. Meanwhile, an intrusive reporter starts making her way into the investigation to find more out about Will, and Hannibal does his therapist thing. I don’t know if I like this episode-by-episode thing instead of a solid overall arc that could have easily done. Having 45 minute-long episodes is not enough to suffice an intellectual conversation from the most ingenious man in film history. Weirder episode kind of made things worse, but the whole “this is my design” thing is pretty cool.

Psych | S07E07: “Deeez Nup”


707This week, there are actually two shows with similar episodes revolving around the idea of a bachelorette/bachelor party. There is this episode of Psych, and there is also an episode of New Girl, which you will see below. In this episode, Lassie goes out with Sean, Gus, Henry, and the autopsy guy for a bachelor outing, while his fiancé does her thing with the captain and Juliet. While out, the gang just HAD to run into some dangerous mobsters, which included Mike Starr as the head mobster. The real gem of the episode was the last…maybe three minutes of the episode, when Juliet pieces together the fact that Sean has been lying for the last seven years, and that he wasn’t psychic. She found out that he could have just remembered this and that. This ends up with her throwing some water in his face, to which I think he deserved. For her, he probably deserved a lot more. Great episode, looks like things are going to be changing here soon.

Touch | S02E10: “Two of a Kind”

Touch logo

210It’s time for a new episode of Touch, this time, Jake actually speak for the first time, telling is father to “find him”, meaning Guillermo Ortiz, before he kills another innocent life. So off Martin goes to find Guillermo, while Jake, Amelia, and Afram go their own way to find the killer. Martin through the means of the numbers leading him to a morgue than to a hotel then to the airport then to a building. For Jake, it led them to a map for a bus to the airport and to the building, arriving just before Martin. In the building, they found another one of the 36, to which Guillermo almost kills, but is stopped by Jake and fought by Martin before he ultimately kills himself by slicing his throat. Just before dying, he said “forgive me father, for I have not found the nest of seven” or something like that…interesting. Well, he’s gone, but now we have a new thing to look forward to…a…nest of seven…hmm

Community | S04E09: “Intro to Felt Surrogacy”


409We definitely have a highlight for the whole week in this episode of Community. I have always had a belief that every TV show should have a special musical episode, and while only a few have introduced this idea into their show, I typically think those are among the best episodes of the series. This episode took that a step further and introduced muppet-type Community characters who sang the numbers. The story was about how the gang got trapped where Greendale students go after they graduate, where they all get high and tell each other their deepest secrets, all of which they can’t remember telling each other, so the episode started off as an awkward silence. To fix it, everyone had to go through and tell all the secrets. Great episode, one of the best out of the entire week.

New Girl | S02E22: “Bachelorette Party”


222Cece is getting married (still doesn’t feel right), and Jess decides to throw her a surprise bachelorette party, despite the cultural customs her life is wrapped up around…ie a stripper with her future Indian mother-in-law. Meanwile, Nick and Winston are kind of forced to spend time with her fiancé that night. You ask me, that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense…why can’t that guy just sit at home and not do anything, again? I don’t know, I could have missed that part. To prove he can be taken seriously, Schmidt tries to find a real girlfriend by looking through his little black book of old girlfriends. Pretty funny episode, nothing spectacular as previous episodes this season has been, but hey…there is three more episodes left!

Parks and Recreation | S05E18: “Animal Control”


518When Leslie and the gang find out Animal Control is run by a couple of potheads that have no idea, apparently, what an animal is, she has them fired and goes on a quest for a new director of animal control. Meanwhile, Ann helps Ron out when he gets incredibly sick. Also, Ben, Tom, and Andy try to get a rich perfume mogul to help their charity. April ends up suggesting the animal control gets infused with the parks department, Ann tells Ron to eat a frickin banana, so he does (as a burger condiment), and the perfume mogul turns out to be a dick…what do you expect? He’s rich. Nothing in the episode was really all that important, but it is a sitcom, you can’t expect too much there. Average episode.

The Office | S09E19: “Stairmageddon”


919Funny episode of The Office this time. That’s one thing you can count on with final seasons of TV shows, lots of important moments leading up to the closer. First, the gang reads a review of PBS’s new documentary, “The Office”, which gives Andy inspiration to be a new movie star, so he goes out to a talent agency and applies there, with Mrs. Rosanne Barr. So great to see her again. Also, Angela supports the politician, who comes out about being gay, then surprises everyone when he admits to finding love with some other guy we haven’t even seen before. Finally, a drugged out Stanley is forced to help Dwight win a sales call. Lots of hilarious things. One thing, for a documentary that has taken 10 years to film, why are they only counting the last few in the trailer? They keep saying run by manager Andy…whatever happened to Michael Scott? Remember him? You should, you filmed him for 8 years. Speaking of which, Steve Carell needs to make an appearance in the finale!

Go On | S01E22: “Urn-Ed Run”

Go On Logo

122Are we really already running into season finales? I guess so. Pretty soon, all shows will be on break, and all those fun reality shows will be back. Shut up, I like America’s Got Talent. So does this episode feel like a finale? Sure. It’s about the spreading of Janie’s ashes, and when Ryan purposefully spreads pancake mix to avoid doing the real thing, the gang finds out, and tries to do it for him, resulting in the spreading of the ashes in the middle of a gas station parking lot. He was able to gather up some of the ashes and picked the right spot to spread them, their first date location. I think this is one of the best acted sitcoms out right now, and I really hope it gets a second season, however…it does indeed work as a series finale as well.

Modern Family | S04E20: “Flip Flop”


420This episode is just as easy to follow as any typical episode of Modern Family, with less the clutter. Meaning there was only really two main storylines in this episode, rather than your standard three. The first one was the most important. The house that Cam and Claire have been building is finished and ready to be sold, though it isn’t as simple as Phil originally thought, so he had to flip flop from seller to seller until he was ultimately satisfied. He had his daughter stalk one potential buyer in order to work the house up to be likeable, but he found them out. They ended up selling the thing by getting Cam and Mitch to act gay (or just act like themselves), which ultimately makes the real seller buy. Meanwhile, Manny’s real father brings over his newest girlfriend, who seems to have everything figured out. This makes Gloria upset, but they work things out when Gloria does feel threatened. Pretty funny episode.

Suburgatory | S02E20: “Go, Gamblers!”

Suburgatory Logo

220It seems this episode was all about moving forward and taking the next step, for everyone involved. First up was Ryan, as his mind has been nearly exploding at the torn decision as to which college to go to in a choice of three, so he has Tessa decide for him. She ultimately chooses the best one for him academically, but when he finds out that Tessa rigged his decision for him from Dalia, he breaks up with her. So Tessa decides to go to war with Dalia…probably in the next episode. Next up, George decided to move in with Dallas, because that would help out with financial expenses that seem to be useless. Interestingly enough, this was more of a dramatic episode than comedic, as it usually is. In a way, it felt a bit off from a usual episode, but it was still a good enough episode for me to want to see what happens next, which never happens in this show.


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  1. I have a feeling Go On will be renewed. Possibly Community too. With The Office, 30 Rock, and most likely Up All Night and 1600 Penn gone from the schedule next year, they’ll want a good selection of comedy shows for Thursday nights.

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