Thursday 04.04 (Hannibal, Community, New Girl, The Office, Parks and Recreation, Go On)

Hour (1)

  •             Hannibal | S01E01: “Apéritif”

Sitcom (5)

  •             Community | S04E08: “History of Dance”
  •             New Girl | S02E21: “First Date”
  •             The Office | S09E18: “Promos”
  •             Parks and Recreation | S05E17: “Partridge”
  •             Go On | S01E21: “Fast Breakup”

“The History of Dance included Promos of a First Date in Partridge, Minnesota drinking Apéritif, ending with a Fast Breakup.”

Hannibal | S01E01: “Apéritif


101This is a TV show that I have been looking forward to for quite a while. It takes place before the novels about Hannibal, but probably not all that far in the past, because Will Graham is a main character of the books as well. In this episode, Will is hired by Morpheus to look into  serial killings that seem to be linked to cannibalism. There is something about Will though, something that seems more sinister than innocent, so the FBI (Morpheus) hires Hannibal Lecter to pretty much…look after Will and get him back on his feet to think more clearly. They create a sort-of bond that reminds me of Lex and Clark’s friendship in Smallville, destined to be arch nemeses. Interestingly enough, the first episode of this new series did not use the title “Pilot” that most network television shows do, which is very rare. The shows that don’t really do this are typically cable TV shows, which in ways this show feels like, but at the same time…doesn’t. The parts that does feel like a network show is the stuff that feels like procedural, the stuff that doesn’t? Unnerving shots of meat cooked by Dr. Lecter. Even though it isn’t even human meat, we know Hannibal too well to at least get the idea that it has that possibility. Also, the show is surprisingly gory, at least for the first episode. So first impressions? I really like it, but the procedural stuff can turn people away. We’ll see

Community | S04E08: “History of Dance”


Community - Season 4At our community college this week, Dean Pelton decided to throw a Sadie Hawkins dance, but for some reason, Britta decides that a better dance choice would be the Sophie B. Hawkins dance, so Jeff and the Dean pretty much ridicule her all the way up to the dance and throughout it, saying Sophie B. won’t show up, but when she does, Jeff tells her she actually did a great job with it. Meanwhile, Annie and Shirley set up Abed with a couple of girls, and not wanting to upset either of them, he decides to date them both at the same time without either of them knowing…I.E. two timing. He ends up dating the coat-check girl.

New Girl | S02E21: “First Date”


221Nick finally decided that he would like to go on a date with Jess after the brief history of sexual tension between the two of them, but instead of flat out…asking her out, he tells her to meet him at a street corner to eat, to which she simply thinks he means at a hotdog at that street corner. Needless to say, once she is brought to the real restaurant, she asks if it is a date, and Nick gets flustered and says no, so throughout the episode, the two decide to go to and from different restaurants, going from a date to not a date. They run into Jess’s ex-boyfriend who asks them if they even know what they are to each other. When they awkwardly say yes, he tells them to write the answer down on a separate piece of paper, but when they do, he says it probably wasn’t the best idea.

The Office | S09E18: “Promos”


The Office - Season 9You have got to hand it to the Office for changing things up this season, primarily throwing in the documentary crew that has been there for nearly a decade. People behind the scenes started showing up, and in this episode, the gang started watching promos to…The Office. Turns out they were starting to realize what we have been asking ourselves for years, how the camera crew would film them on their most intimate and secretive moments, following them around practically anywhere. I never thought for a second the characters on the show would ever find that out or even mention it on the show, I thought that was just there to complete the story and have us know completely what is going on. Meanwhile, the stupid story of “The Farm” continues on for Dwight in this episode, I get it, but at the same time, it just feels so out-of-place.

Parks and Recreation | S05E17: “Patridge”


517Three stories going on in this episode of Parks and Recreation. Firstly, Ron is sued by Councilman Jamm for getting punched in the face, but Tom, Andy and April blackmail Jamm into exposing an affidavit that doesn’t look good on him, so he drops the suit. Ann and Chris have compatibility problems when a test gave them 58% compatibility, so taking other tests proves the same thing. When they’re about ready to call it quits, Chris comes back saying we are compatible enough, because we will love the child. Finally, the story of the evening takes place in Patridge, Minnesota when Leslie and Ben go there to accept the key to the city. However, it was all a sham, and they were just going to make fun of him…wow…you gotta think they went WAY out of their way to do that. Anyways. Fun episode.

Go On | S01E21: “Fast Breakup”

Go On Logo

121Interesting episode, it had to do with Lauren deciding she didn’t actually want to get married to Wyatt, and it also had to do with Ryan’s secretary, Carrie, drunk dialing him and acting flirty. So what happened was Ryan worked with Lauren and they decided he would break up with Wyatt for Lauren, while Lauren talked to Carrie. Ryan did screw it up, but Lauren eventually broke it off herself, and Ryan tried to reverse what Lauren did by the end. So Carrie gave Ryan a kiss and quit her job…not exactly sure what that means for her character, if we’ll ever see her again or not, but she’s a cool character. We’ll see.


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