Wednesday 4.03 (Supernatural, Psych, Modern Family, Suburgatory)

When Smaller on the Outside first began, it first began as The Extraordinary Project, and when that podcast was done, we had a unique way of titling each episode, however, no one really understood them, and they were quite long, so we did away with those. However, for these mini-recaps, we realize that we are doing what we did before with the original podcast, and while we won’t be using the original titling for the title itself, we will begin using them for fun (as you can see below). We are still looking for a name for it though. If you have any ideas, let us know!


“In the Decemberfold, the Taxi Driver watches the ‘Cirque du Soul’ show with the Future Dunphys”


Supernatural | S08E19: “Taxi Driver”

819You know in Supernatural, if one brother goes through Hell, the other has to as well, figuratively and literally speaking. In this episode, Sam was able to use his Purgatory card while doing the second trial. The second trial dealt with releasing an innocent from Hell, and that innocent was none other than Bobby, so Sam had to use the international superhighway that is Purgatory to get him to safety. The only problem was that he got stuck in Purgatory when his ride out was killed by Crowley. So Dean sent in Vinnie the Vampire to save Sam, but this time, Vinnie sacrificed himself to get Sam out, claiming he was never good “up there”. When releasing Bobby into Heaven, Crowley tried to stop them, but Naomi stepped in and made it happen, clearly trying to get on the Winchester’s good side despite what Cass told them about her…something interesting going on there. Finally, Crowley killed Kevin…or something, here’s what you know by the end: Crowley is definitely messing with Kevin’s head enough to convince him that Crowley knows where he is. The windows blow out and Crowley shows up, somehow torturing him. When the Winchesters show up he is gone and they think he jumped the gun. However, did you notice that the windows are not really blown out? Kevin could still be alive, but Crowley could be fishing him out…that’s my theory anyway.


Psych | S07E06: “Cirque du Soul”

706I read somewhere that this episode was entitled, “Cirque du So-lame”, but apparently it isn’t so, according to a couple TV databases, it is indeed Soul. Anyways, Shawn and Gus endanger the life of Rachel’s son by going to the circus, and finding the body of a dead acrobat. Behind the killing was the maker of the port-a-potties that you find at all the circus events, which is kind of ridiculous, but hilarious, exactly the combination you should expect to find in an episode of Psych. Also, Lassie’s convict-of-a-girlfriend was released from prison and her parole officer was a gal that Lassie never called back after a one night stand, who wouldn’t even allow the two to date or live together. Juliet fixed this by setting her up with the coroner. Despite the rest of this episode, the idea was primarily about balancing Shawn and Gus’ friendship with Gus and Rachel’s relationship.


Modern Family | S04E19: “The Future Dunphys”

mfAs with every episode of Modern Family, you have to keep track of all the stories that come along with it. Phil and Claire meet their future selves, or at least a strong possibility of the future, along with future versions of their kids, and how they act in the future reflects them thinking something is wrong with their parenting skills. That is actually pretty interesting, because it suggests that even if we know what happens in the future, we don’t know how it got to that point, and who, if anyone, is at fault for what happens. Manny and Jay spend the day together at a fancy private school, and when Manny goes in for an interview he freaks out. Finally, the funniest story of the episode had to be Mitch, Cam, Gloria, and Lily’s story. When Lily starts asking about the female anatomy, Mitch and Cam gather Gloria to help answer some questions…that is until Lily confesses to being gay. That is until she believes that being gay is part of her heritage and she just wants to be like her fathers, so the gang head to a Vietnamese restaurant to learn more about her heritage, which has to be the funniest scene in the entire episode. You have got to enjoy mistakenly racist jokes.


Suburgatory | S02E19: “Decemberfold”

sgWhen George decides to do “something fun” and pose for this year’s Fathers of Chatswin calendar, he goes absolutely nuts about treating his body right in order to win the Decemberfold, the most sought-after month. His obsession, however, sort-of ruins his relationship with Dallas, but not for long, because George always figures things out. Meanwhile, Dalia has been acting nice around Tessa all day, and when they looked for reasons as to why, they found out that Dalia used to hook up with Noah’s oldest daughter, and when Dalia was dumped, she kinda…went nuts. By the end of the episode, if I have this right, is Dalia is planning some kind of attack against Tessa and possibly even Lisa. The end scene with Lisa finding the treasure-trove of pictures with Dalia and George felt out-of-place, but maybe we’ll find out more about that later. 


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