Catching Up on the Good Stuff (pt 2)

Here on Smaller on the Outside, we are obsessed about Doctor Who, so we may fall behind from time to time on those other TV shows that people typically enjoy. So below, you shall find mini-recaps of Glee, Supernatural, and Touch to catch you up on those shows.

Glee | S04E17: “Guilty Pleasures”


417It’s guilty pleasure week on Glee, where the gang sings about, you guessed it…guilty pleasures as if they are these huge things. Seriously, we sometimes have them, but it’s not a big deal as they made it in this episode. Anyways, arcwise, Rachel found out about her ex being a jiggalo, and Blane sorta came out about his feelings for the blond one. What happened to this show? It used to be a lot better written, and nothing seems to be really happening in the show. Now, don’t get me wrong, the songs are always fun, but I gotta admit I don’t care for the story anymore really.

Supernatural | S08E17: “Goodbye, Stranger”


817So this episode was all about how evil Cass is, and what it takes to save his wretched soul…or something. He has been killing thousands of Deans up in a training room in Heaven, preparing for the real thing. Heaven is looking for an angel tablet that could do every terrible thing to Heaven as the tablet for demons can do against Hell (close the doors). Meg is helping the brothers and Cass find the angel tablet. When Cass is just about to kill Dean, Dean talks him out of it somehow, and Cass apologizes before escaping the tablet to keep it out of the hands of the evil angel queen, Crowley, and yes…even Dean’s hand. I have a theory. Sam has always had this kind of…connection with demons (the whole demon blood/powers thing). What if he was accepted for the trials, and Dean will soon be accepted for the angel trials? Just a thought – brother against brother. And by the way, Crowley kills Meg…never thought it would be so sad to see a demon die.

Supernatural | S08E18: “Freaks and Geeks”

Remember Krissy Chambers from an earlier episode of Supernatural? Well she guest starred in another episode as one of three young vampire hunters, not unlike an episode of the final season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Turns out their trainer was working with the real vampire that killed their families in order to influence them to kill out of revenge, because it will be a needed skill later in life. The thing about these episodes that have special guest appearances…the episode itself is commonly filler compared to the rest of the season, and only there to have some major focus on the special guest. We’ve been talking about tablets for demons and angels and some serious stuff all the way up to now, all of which is seemingly ignored this episode. It was an alright episode, but it doesn’t really add to the story.

Touch | S02E08: “Reunions”

Touch logo

208So the previous episode of Touch was amazingly tense and full of edge-of-the-seat stuff, while this one wasn’t as tense, it was still pretty good. It revolved around communication. For the first time, we see Jake actually speak – although it was in a telekinetic state, Calvin spoke to his brother thanks to the data he pulled from Jake’s voluntary communication with Amelia. Finally, Jake takes the gang out to the desert, where they rescue Amelia from a high-facility building…that’s likely. All up to the point where Lucy pulls the hero card and sacrifices herself to save Amelia…well that is such a killjoy. Such buildup for that? Yeah it was nice and all, but…now what?

Touch | S02E09: “Clockwork”

Those of you who began to watch this show after Kiefer’s other show, 24 finished, you will be happy to know that someone made a guest appearance in this episode…who remembers miss Renee!? Yeah, she made an appearance for an episode (and hopefully more) as a daughter of an old 36 who was on death row. Martin was trying his best to save a 36, but his mission was to instead get a cypher that the man invented that would result in the location of the magical 36 superheroes. When Jake finally gets the thing working, it gives another number…what a killjoy. I think if I want to find the 36, I’ll just ask Guillermo, because he has a whole folder of 8×10 pictures of each 36 along with details of who they are and where they live. But…Renee was awesome.


6 thoughts on “Catching Up on the Good Stuff (pt 2)”

      1. You don’t have to, recap will help with that. Trust me, it’s worth it. Some really great stuff. One of my favorite shows this year. It really transformed from “okay” in the first few episodes to “really awesome” in the episodes you missed. It was getting good before you left, but you’ve missed some of the best stuff. It’s definitely worth catching up on. Just take your time. Maybe watch one episode a day or something, idk.

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