Bates and Bones – 4.01

Bates Motel: S01E03: “What’s Wrong with Norman”


03Great episode of Bates Motel this evening. Emma and Norman continually discuss the reality of the comic book he found in the motel room. Deputy Zach Shelby and the Sheriff obtain a warrant to search the Bates’ home, and the deputy found the dead man’s belt under Norman’s bed, but continually wants to help Norma and her son…hmm. Dylan works out at the pot gardens, or whatever those are called. Finally, Norman is told by Norma that he must go get the belt…but in reality…Norma wasn’t there at all, this is our first real look at Norman’s multiple personality and obsession with mother. So he goes after the belt, and finds the Asian gal from the comic book all strapped down in Deputy Zach’s basement. Oh snap, guess his mission changed. Gotta love these cable shows, because the pacing is usually perfect in just the right way in order to make us think…how far can this series really go? It moves so quick! As always though, they figure out a way. Great show.


Bones | S08E21: “The Maiden in the Mushrooms”


821It’s Judge Judy time this time on Bones, well pretty much, anyway. Instead of Judy, we had Trudy who had the same exact occupation as Judy. The only difference that this show had was a behind-the-scenes girl who revved up the contestants to get super-angry, and that that girl was the victim. How did this go? Well she had anger issues herself, and killed her boyfriend’s dog by hanging it, so he decided to do the same to her…well that’s nice. There was also two side stories here, the first one being – Southern Intern guy getting angry at Hodgins for using the rest of his grannies special hot sauce…okay, what? How about don’t take your late grandmother’s special sauce to work, maybe? Anyways, Hodgins researches the hot sauce at a molecular level and is able to reconstruct the sauce and sell it to a distributor. Finally, Christine has been biting people, and Bones refuses to believe that her daughter would do such a thing, even though it is “average”, and she insists Christine is above-average. Someone’s proud.



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