Sitcom Mania! 3.25-4.01

How I Met Your Mother | S08E20: “The Time Travelers”


1This was one incredibly amazing episode, even though it may seem at first like a jumping-the-shark episode. Ted and Barney talk to the future versions of themselves. Just remember how this show works, a guy is at home talking to his kids, with the ability to make up any story he wishes. In reality, Ted was alone at the bar, thinking about what-ifs. The real future-Ted tells the kids that had he known what he knows now, he would have run to their mother’s apartment and told her that he loved her and that they would have kids, and that they will meet in 45 days. This season is intense, and even though next season is the final season, you KNOW, you KNOW that he will meet the mother at the end of this season, there is just no other way around it.

Go On | S01E20: “Matchup Problem”

Go On Logo

2This was an interesting episode. While it didn’t really advance in any storyline, it had a very special guest appearance by Courtney Cox, who starred alongside him in Friends, eventually ending up as his character’s wife. It had to do with Ryan and Annie falling in lust with Courtney Cox’s character, and Cox’s character lusting after them both. Now it didn’t say the word itself, but her character was pretty much a cougar. I guess the only allusion to Friends was the fact that she was in the episode…no real mentions that I acknowledged.

New Girl | S02E20: “Chicago”


3In this episode of New Girl, Nick finds out his father has died, so the gang leave the apartment and head down to Chicago, IL, for the funeral. Nick is given the job to write the eulogy and manage the funeral, getting an Elvis impersonator, which his father loved. Interestingly enough, this season is coming to a close, and each episode up to this point had a consistent feel of importance to the overall arc and character development, this one wasn’t so much for any arc. Maybe a bit for character development, but it’s one of those episodes you can’t get away with skipping.

Modern Family | S04E18: “The Wow Factor”


4As with any Modern Family episode, this episode had quite a lot to go along with it. Gloria and Manny spend the day together while Jay and Joe spend the day together – both lie to each other. Mitchell bullies Lily’s bully while Cam and Claire fight over a decision to put in a water fountain at the new house or not. Finally, Phil decides to teach the two girls the necessaries of life for when they are older and live alone. Obviously, the only real important part of this episode was the Cam and Claire storyline, with the advancement on their partnership. With how many things continually go on in a single episode of Modern Family, you’d think they would make it an hour sitcom, because it almost feels rushed when writing about it, but it somehow all works together seamlessly when on air. Overall, good episode definitely had some funny parts as always.

Suburgatory | S02E18: “Brown Trembler”

Suburgatory Logo

5Noah has been craving his old house maid, but since she has turned him down, he has been living the life at expensive hotels with Opus, getting closer to other maids (which gets him into trouble). So George gracefully offers him a place to crash until he gets back on his feet, but old tricks come back to play. Meanwhile Dalia is apparently a hoarder and Mr. Shay has gone back into the game of sales after *many* years without it. This episode was all around about growing up…pretty much. Noah had to take a few steps towards being mature and being an adult for his son, Dalia had to get rid of her stuff through a garage sale, giving up the things that held her to her childhood, and Mr. Shay had to realize that part of his life was over with. Good stuff, funny as always.


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