Rise with the Dead, it’s Easter Monday!


In case you missed it, Easter was Sunday, and Easter Monday is also a largely celebrated holiday. Not for me in my youth, but it is in fact…celebrated. Easter itself is of course about the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but we’re going to instead talk about the resurrection of zombies (walkers) in the final three episodes of The Walking Dead. NO, the episodes aren’t about resurrection, but the whole…zombie thing…is close enough…let’s get on with it then!

S03E14: “Prey”

314It’s a cat-and-mouse world on this episode of The Walking Dead, and why shouldn’t it be? The episode was indeed titled “Prey”, which made perfect sense. Andrea escapes from the town, on a mission to warn Rick about the oncoming war, not really understanding that they were planning the same thing on the other side. Hot on her track is the GOVNA, who first asks her back, and then starts rattling off noises to attract zombies when she doesn’t answer. When she thinks she has killed him with a horde of zombies, he tracks her down to the prison, and by the end of the episode, we see she is held captive in a prison of his making…man this guy has to die. On another note, did you notice Rick was in the episode for like 30 seconds? That’s it. This was a great tense episode, and I really felt like it moved the story along splendidly.

S03E15: “This Sorrowful Life”

315As the previous episode was focused on the town, this one was focused on the prison, or more specifically speaking, Merle and Michonne. You see, we’re back to the facing dilemma of giving her up to save the prison group, and Merle decides to take one for the team by doing it FOR Rick, because Rick could never do that, and he knows that. So Merle takes her, but has a life-altering mindset when she reminds him that he had never killed a man before he met the GOVNA, and that he could change, to which he said he couldn’t, but he could do one last thing, which was to kill the GOVNA. He raced to the swap location and finds the GOVNA and his men, drives in a horde of walkers, and starts killing off the men. Turns out the GOVNA narrowly escaped getting shot to death, and found Merle, and shot him dead…just not in the head (but of course…after biting off fingers on his one good hand). So when Merle’s brother came to save him, he found Merle zombified…and had to deal with him accordingly…OH COME ON, THE GOVNA’S GOT…TO DIE! I mean, we actually feel bad for Merle….MERLE! Talk about good writing and phenomenal acting. Finale, here we come.


S03E16: “Welcome to the Tombs”

316It’s time for war folks, and lots of things happen here equally for both teams. First of all, we find out Andrea was being held there just so the GOVNA could kill off his assistant to zombify and eat her. Secondly, the GOVNA and his men attack the prison, and find it apparently empty until the home team started up their own massacre with prison artillery. So the men take the GOVNA and retreat, but the GOVNA just turns around and flat out murders everyone that defied him in front of the ones that didn’t…it was nuts. Then a kid ran out of the woods surrendering his weapon over to Carl, to which Carl shot him in the face, because (as he claims) his father always lets people go, and those people kill their people and he wasn’t taking chances…ooh this kids messed up. Finally the assistant zombifies and takes a chunk out of Andrea’s neck just before the home team gets there to save her…and she shoots herself….and here’s the kicker…the GOVNA IS STILL OUT THERE. Now I don’t know if he’ll quit and we’ll never see him again, or he’ll show up again next season, but a very tense and sad episode. The GOVNA…HAS GOT…TO DIE!



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