Smaller on the Outside | S01E02: “The Bells of Saint John”


Smaller-Outside-SquareDoctor Who is back! Might we also say…with a bang! That’s right, the first half of the seventh season was rather strange with a high production value, but strayed quite far from how we came to view Doctor Who. It’s back though with “The Bells of St. John”. Do we find more out about Clara? Find out everything and more in this week’s podcast!

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Episode 2: The Bells of Saint John – [download]

0:00:00 – INTRO
0:02:19 – Announcements (Easter, Fanmade Trailer, Prequel to episode)
0:07:27 – The Bells of Saint John
0:16:44 – Final thoughts on the episode
0:22:32 – Theories
0:26:44 – Updates
0:32:32 – OUTRO

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DW Gallery (The Bells of Saint John)


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