Catching Up on the Good Stuff (pt 1)

Here on Smaller on the Outside, we are obsessed about Doctor Who, so we may fall behind from time to time on those other TV shows that people typically enjoy. So below, you shall find mini-recaps of Bates Motel, Bones, Once Upon a Time, and Psych to catch you up on those shows. There will be a part 2 post at some point later on.

Bates Motel | S01E02: “Nice Town You Picked, Norma”


pictureIn this episode of Bates Motel, Norman’s brother Dylan comes home. Even though he wreaks havoc, he convinces Norma to let him stay through blackmail…what a normal family. In town, there is clearly an arsonist at play killing people and setting them on fire, but the killer isn’t explained in the episode. Meanwhile, Norman and Emma investigate locations seen in his comic book that he found in the room the episode before. Some interesting developments in this episode – first of all, Emma’s folks own a taxidermy shop, an obvious nod to Norman keeping a dead body in his home like taxidermy. The episode starts off with Norman looking at the comic strip of a woman in a shower, and he uses a flashlight and turns it on and off in a montage of close-ups, quite similar to the most famous scene in Psycho. You have got to love first seasons, so many developments.

Bones | S08E19: “The Doom in the Gloom”


picIn this episode, Bones finds the tragic remains of a war veteran. Turns out the marker on her body that really helped the team find her killer was a wound on the bones made from a cannon ball. You heard me right, a cannon ball. Turns out, she was part of a paranoid prep team for the end of days, a group of “whack-jobs” in charge. Any one of them could have killed her, but one did it pretty impressively through the use of booby traps. The only real important part of this episode arc-wise was Sweets moving out of Bones and Booth’s apartment, apparently with two young ladies. I guess we know what gave him the motivation he needed to leave.

Bones | S08E20: “The Blood from the Stones”

picTry to wrap this around your heads. An undercover police officer is shot and killed, and our Bones team finds his face contorted (thanks to something to do with micro-climates). In his stomach is a bag of diamonds, and throughout the episode, the gang tries to find out if this guy is dirty or not. Meanwhile, a documentary crew (meaning one old guy) films our squints and hits on Caroline. Hey…old people need lovin’ too. Overall, fun episode, but definitely not on par with other episodes. If I had to guess one important thing that actually happened in the episode, it would be a continuous hint that Bones may be thinking about proposing to Booth for marriage (probably in the finale).

Once Upon a Time | S02E17: “Welcome to Storybrooke”


218This episode practically starts off as a prequel to the entire series. Basically, back in the early ‘80s, Storybrooke is first formed pretty much before the eyes of a father and son. Remember how time stopped? Well we watch as Regina, unaffected by magic, goes by every day, watching as each passing day might as well be a Groundhog Day-like experience – identical. Regina tries to keep the mans son there, so this wasn’t the first time she tried to take another person’s son…serial kidnapper. In modern day, the son is still there, trying to find out what happened to his dad. Meanwhile, Regina is trying to kill Snow White, but her friends surrounding her protect her. That is, until Snow tries to make amends with Regina, only to find Regina pulling her heart out. The thing was, Snow’s heart head a bit of darkness in it, and Regina knows that darkness well enough to know that it spirals out of control, and killing her would only put her out of her misery, and she wants Snow to suffer. Interesting episode…I’m more interested in seeing how far it goes from here.

Once Upon a Time | S02E18: “Selfless, Brave and True”

217Pinocchio is back, and he is fixing to be turned into a real boy again…er…real man? Seriously though, who wasn’t thinking, “where the heck is Pinocchio anyway?” after his apparent departure last year? Yeah, well this episode delved into his mysterious background of what happened to him before Storybrooke and after his last appearance on the show. Apparently, when his leg first started to turn back into wood, he met with a Chinese witch doctor (or something), who had the ability to fix him, but everything was thwarted by a black woman that would later be known as Neil’s new fiancée. Turns out she has a plan of her own…and who wouldn’t? She killed the witch doctor, and then killed Pinocchio, but his sacrifice allowed him to be turned once again, into a real boy. That’s right, boy…not man. Finally, remember Owen from last week? He was looking for his father, well it turns out, he is in cahoots with Neil’s fiancée….romantic cahoots. Looks like we may be getting a good ol’ fashioned Mexican standoff soon, boys.

Psych | S07E04: “No Country for Two Old Men”


704Jeffrey Tambor guest stars in this episode as Juliet’s stepfather. Shawn decided to force a friendship between their two fathers, which of course ends in disaster. Turns out her stepdad is a gambling addict up to his old tricks, and some Mexican mafia folks are after him to deliver a very valuable package. By the end, you get the idea that maybe the episode should have just been called “Grumpy Old Men” instead; it was practically the same thing with Psych flair. I also cannot stress enough that this show is getting dangerously close to just being The Mentalist. Take away the comedy, and it’s the same thing. There used to be flashbacks…there’s not anymore. There used to be a very active and creative Sean when it came to his “psych-outs’, there’s not anymore. All he does is put a finger to his head and says I know where they are…come ON, just a bit disappointing if I do say so myself.

Psych | S07E05: “100 Clues”

705It’s Clue on Psych. You know? The old board game. Most people probably won’t catch much of the connection other than the revamped card-style intro and episode title, but the whole structure of the episode was quite similar to an old movie based on the board game of the same title. Shawn is invited to a mysterious party, and invites Gus. Inside, he finds a born-again ex-con that they helped put away when they first joined the force. All of a sudden, people begin dying when the lights suddenly go out, and Shawn and Gus must find out who the killer is before the killer makes their way towards them. Here’s what was very interesting about this episode – it relied on a voting system for the audience to decide the end of the episode – a choose-your-own adventure type of deal. So both the East Coast and West Coast got different killers. For the East coast, the butler did it because the singer who invited them all there was stealing his tunes. In the West, the author did it (Christopher Lloyd), but his entire reason was a bit more perplexing than the butler; however, Lloyd did repeat his signature line from Back to the Future – “Great Scott!” Don’t forget, Shawn actually did some psychic actions that physically took energy…finally! I think – best episode of the season so far.


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