Smaller on the Outside | S01E01: “The Catch Up”


Smaller-Outside-SquareSorry for the late post, fellas. Turns out I was working too hard on making the podcast all it could be, and forgot about you guys! The podcast was finished Saturday night, and edited on Sunday. Today, we have the first episode, which deals all about the series of Doctor Who in general, each season of the new series thus far, and individual mini-recaps for season 7. That’s why it is so lengthy. Trust me, it won’t be as long next time…trust me…I’m the doctor

Don’t forget to let us know what you think and any additions or subtractions we should take under advisement.

Episode 1: The Catch Up – [download]

0:00:00 – INTRO/General Talk about the series as a whole

0:10:00 – Season 1 talk

0:13:40 – Season 2 talk

0:18:18 – Season 3 talk

0:21:40 – Season 4 talk

0:25:48 – Season 5 talk

0:32:39 – Season 6 talk

0:35:58 – Asylum of the Daleks

0:44:42 – Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

0:47:40 – A Town Called Mercy

0:49:56 – The Power of Three

0:52:29 – The Angels Take Manhattan

0:58:13 – The Snowmen

1:03:57 – Final thoughts on Season 7

1:08:52 – Conclusion

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