Sitcom Mania! 3.18–3.25

How I Met Your Mother | S08E19: “The Fortress”


Neil Patrick Harris in How I Met Your Mother Episode 8.19In this episode, we didn’t really get any closer to finding out who the mom is, via clues or what not. This episode was instead, focused on Barney and Robin’s furthering relationship. Robin wanted Barney and her to find a place to move to that fit her instead of being a bachelor pad. Meanwhile Lilly and Marshal are having issues in their relationship. Marshal is feeling left out, as if he never sees her anymore, thanks to her new job. In the end, Robin decided not to have Barney sell his pad, and Lilly decided to say no to her boss to say yes to Marshal. It was an okay episode, about averagely funny, but we are coming up on the season (maybe even series) finale, and I’m wanting some major answers to previous questions. Let’s go!

Go On | S01E19: “Go for the Gold Watch”

Go On Logo

goRyan has his dream job, he is working at the best radio show in Los Angeles, but still isn’t happy. So, he decided to play cupid, or matchmaker, or whatever you want to call it and get the two lovebirds Danny and Sonia together. Meanwhile, Mr. K uses his algorithm to find how much two people are a match to find out that Steven and Lauren are actually a 99%. By the end of the episode, we find out one secret about him, hinting at the possibility that there may be more than they could ever possibly imagine…or something like that. Decent episode, but not all that it could be. Definitely a so-so in the world of Go On.

New Girl | S02E19: “Quick Hardening Caulk”


Wnghen Nick decides to do a guy’s night at the bar, Jess decides that she wants him…bad. Throughout the rest of the episode, she continually saw signs that pointed towards sex in various methods. Meanwhile, Schmitt misses Cece, and decides to get over her by exchanging his obsession of her with an obsession with a sea lion, which of course was a metaphor for Cece. Kids probably shouldn’t watch this episode. Well…in general, kids shouldn’t watch the show period, but especially this episode, because it was all about sex, but it was more about metaphors. Sure, there were sexual metaphors, but there was also the sea lion metaphor. It had a pretty good conveyance that when we want something so desperately, we begin to see it in everything, no matter what that is. That applied to both scenarios here.

Community | S04E07: “Economics of Marine Biology”


comThis episode should really be called “Physical Education Education”, because that was the best part of the episode. The real title doesn’t quite make any sense to me. Basically, a rich guy’s kid shows up to the school trying to see if this community college was the right choice for him. To try to persuade his decision, they do whatever he wants. Meanwhile, Jeff actually bonds with Pierce. This season seems to be centered on focusing on Chang, to which Chang was randomly in one scene of non-importance. Since we just found out he was lying, I thought they would expand on that, but no go. Funny episode, as always, but not important.

Suburgatory | S02E17: “Eat, Pray, Eat”

Suburgatory Logo

subInsecurities, insecurities abroad. When Dallas buys George a new electric guitar for his birthday, Tessa buys him a framed blueprint of his old home, which included his ex’s room on display. So she takes up eating stress foods, or fatty calories, and it was up to George to fix it by singing her a song on the new guitar. Meanwhile, Noah finds out that his psychiatrist has been seeing Carmen behind his back. Pretty funny, as usual, and it still feels like a unique show.

Last Man Standing | S02E18: “College Girl”


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