Sitcom Mania! 3.11-3.18

The Office | S09E17: “The Farm”


the-farm-8Here it is, the episode we have all been waiting for…for seemingly the entire month, the episode that acted as a pitch to a spinoff show of The Office. Basically, it takes place mostly on Dwight’s farm as he decides to operate his late Aunt’s farm after she passed. There were funny bits here and there, but there is no way anyone would ever watch it for a show on its own other than to see Dwight, which wouldn’t last very long. So thank God NBC turned it down. It was awful. The actual funny parts of the show revolved around Packer showing up and giving the gang laced cupcakes.

Community | S04E06: “Advanced Documentary Filmmaking”


CommunityInteresting episode for Community. We dive down the mockumentary route, like The Office, and follow around the gang as they investigate Changnesia. Jeff tries to expose Chang for who he is, but his alter ego, Kevin, seems to be too smart for even Jeff, which makes Jeff open up to the idea of believing him. By the end of the episode, we finally find out what we’ve already been guessing, Kevin was fake all along, and Chang really is up to something.

Parks and Recreation | S05E16: “Bailout”


tn-500_2In Parks and Recreation, April asks Ann if she would write a recommendation letter for her for a veterinary school, but instead of doing it right away, she forces April to do girly best friend things with her for a while, and they kind of hit it off (kind of being the key word). Meanwhile, Leslie tries to save a movie rental shop from getting closed down, but her efforts only get the shop transformed into a porn shop. Finally, after Chris looked after Tom as his own child, he decided he wanted to donate his sperm to Ann.

Last Man Standing | S02E17: “The Fight”


tn-500_131320_1260_preWhen Al returns to Last Man Standing, well…not Al, but you know who I’m talking about…he is drunk. Well, he accidentally spills beer on Boyd, so Ryan punched him in the face, which scared Boyd. Meanwhile, Mandy got her gadgets removed for her obsession with Twitter (that we haven’t ever seen on the show before but doesn’t surprise us anyway). She eventually runs into her dad’s CV Radio, and talks to old veterans who tell her first accounts of World War II to help her write her paper. All around good episode, but I’m still wondering why Al was such a good guy last time, and all of a sudden he’s a jerk. I guess in the end…who cares, really?


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