Touch | S02E07: “Ghosts”

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As it turns out, Touch is back, and Jake is back to his routine of furiously writing in his numerous notepads. It comes off as shocking, although it probably shouldn’t. This season was just starting to get creative as to how Jake decides to show what this week’s number was versus last year, which was primarily Martin finding out by looking over Jake’s shoulder as he scratched it into his notepad. For some reason, broken microwaves and static-y radio stations seem like a cooler idea. Anyway, he wasn’t just drawing in his notepad, he was drawing with different colors in different patterns.

TOUCH_207-SC16_0157_FULLSo Lucy is packing, getting ready to venture off and do her own thing to find Amelia, but Martin decided to let her know that even though he understands that she has to do what she has to do, that they will still be looking for Amelia, and if she wants to come back to work together, that he’d be there too. That’s when Amelia totally does a Professor X thing and telepathically speaks to Jake, and we hear what he hears and all. This show is getting weird. Basically, she just tells him to stay strong and listen to the numbers. Same thing he’s been doing the whole series right?

TOUCH_207-SC20_0056_FULLAnyways, an old pal of Martin’s shows up at headquarters, and his name is Dutch. Now Dutch is a great guy and they go way back. So this episode basically takes place at headquarters while everyone is holding a party for the narrator of The Bible Series, sorry…Dutch. The thing is, little did they know that Guillermo Ortiz was watching from a distance, getting ready to pounce at every second. Well that’s just great and everything, but every time we’ve seen him kill, he has done it in private (obviously), that place is packed…plus I have no idea how he even tracked the building down. As part of his apparently elaborate plan, our Spanish serial killer cut the electricity before heading towards the building.


This is things get very interesting, and tense. Martin is just kicking back with Dutch having a grand old time in the dark. Jake is freaking out under the table with Lucy, and Guillermo is actually killing people inside the building, like…in the other room. When Jake’s over-complicated brain picks up on what happens, he takes Lucy and escapes to a room far, far away, and continues to be unresponsive to Lucy, something that to this point is normally rare. So she SHOULD think something’s up, but she just kicks back and puts her feet on the table. When Martin finds the dead bodies in the other room, he reasonably panics.

TOUCH_207-SC21_0001_FULLIf you thought the tension was over, think again, because Guillermo finds Lucy and Jake in the room, and after fighting a while with Dutch, he manages to get the gun and shoot Dutch. After Lucy fights him off, he manages to also knock her unconscious, but not before she stabbed him in the leg. It was then a cat and mouse chase between Guillermo and Jake, then they finally end up on the roof. Geez, I’m thinking Martin move your butt right about now.

So, Guillermo faces off with Jake, and Jake telepathically speaks with him. Now there is no real main number of this episode, which is incredibly strange, but he was writing a number throughout the episode that we couldn’t see, which turned out to be the day his wife and son died in what seemed to be a tragedy with her giving birth. He still went after Jake though, but Martin and Dutch busted through, and had an epic fight, ending with Jack, er Martin shooting Guillermo about seven times, but somehow…he got away (bulletproof vest). Dutch died in all the ruckus.

Can I just say that this was one of the best episodes of Touch, not only this season, but of the entire series thus far? It was definitely the tensest, and again…it is still really early in the season and it is continually moving incredibly fast. Also, while there may not have been a main number, there was a main pattern that put up next to a mirror created a blue butterfly. Something Lucy’s daughter always drew, which told her that he’s been communicating with her. You know, through the number-notebook chat room. Anyways, overall…GREAT episode.


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