The Walking Dead | S03E13: “Arrow on the Doorpost”


Instead of writing my typical recap, I thought I would give (at least) this episode a general overview. Sometimes with TV shows that are so much like movies, they typically have plots that reflect a movie plot, which means not as much. Yes, as much as even I would like to fight it, the more I watch TV shows and movies, the more I realize how cluttered everything is in a TV show in order to make sure it’s all in there in its allotted 44 minutes. The Walking Dead is a bit like a movie, and it has very similar pacing, which means when you’re trying to write about what happened in an episode, you’re going to have a bad time.


This is because not a lot actually happened in “Arrow on the Doorpost”, It was a very character/dialogue-driven episode (extremely so). What happened was simple; Rick and the Governor sat down together and talked about what was necessary in order to obtain peace. Throughout the entire episode, they were in the same room. When it focused on the other characters, they too were having important conversations of their own. Everyone in the episode…was talking to someone else. Developing their characters further. The only part that wasn’t really dialogue-driven was Merle, as he tried to leave the prison to go kill the Governor while they still could, which never happened.

???????????What did happen was the Governor and Rick finally came upon an agreement, which was that Rick had to bring Michonne to him and he would simply leave the group alone forever. Rick agreed to it, but in the end, both groups were planning a war against the other. Also, Andrea received more information as to what happened to Maggie that makes her still reconsider coming back to her original family of Walker-killers. Pretty much,  the whole episode was pretty useless. Where were we one episode ago? Where were we two episodes ago? I will tell you, both groups hated the other and wanted to kill each other, and both were planning a war against the other. Also, Andrea was already contemplating not only killing the Governor, but also leaving the town…this episode didn’t move things along further.

Yes, it had a lot of pretty good character development, good dialogue, and even better tension, but I am still waiting for something to actually happen on the show. I’m not saying the episode is totally filler, but I keep asking myself if I would have even realized I missed an episode last week, and I keep saying no. I am now asking myself the same thing for this episode, and I’m thinking it is honestly not going to matter. The Michonne thing might come up, but that doesn’t change the fact that both teams are still gearing to kill each other, as if nothing happened.

Not the best episode. It was again, okay, but this is The Walking Dead. I used to be jumping up and down after every episode trying to shout “WHAAT” with a jaw that was currently resting on the ground. This didn’t do it for me.


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