Psych | S07E03: “Lassie Jerky”



Normally, found footage is found in the movies, far too often if you ask me. What you normally don’t find it in is a random episode of a TV series, and for some reason, Psych seemed perfect, as they often have special episodes like this. In this case, it is about finding Bigfoot (coincidentally, there was a recent found-footage film about finding Bigfoot). It starts off with a random couple investigating, and you think something is about to happen to them, but all that happens is Shawn and Gus show up to meet them out there. Gus, of course, wasn’t told anything about their plan, forced to tag along.

Not long after, they actually spot a bigfoot, even on video. The only question was obvious, who was really out there in a dog suit? Their best bet is the man in the group, who immediately left before they saw it (you know? Like Superman). So the next time that he left, the guys made an excuse to find him, but in the end they ALL wound up running from something the monster that they claimed to be a Bigfoot. In fact, after they all ran, Gus fell into a pit, and in the pit was a few dead guys, seemingly shot in the forehead.

MV5BMTQ5MTMxMDc2OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDk1MjAyOQ@@._V1._SX600_SY400_Lassie and Juliet soon show up after tracking Gus’s car to the area. It is there that the gang real them in on what’s been going on. Lassie, of course, doesn’t believe a word of it, especially when those dead guys in the pit completely vanished, but they are still pulled along. After an unfortunate event where Lassie falls into the river, the gang get completely lost. So Lassie goes for help, but is too sick to continue on before passing out. Then, of course bigfoot picks him up, carrying him somewhere.

Psych - Season 7Using the super sniffer, the gang followed the trail of a sweet sweet smell of roasting barbeque meat, and they believe it is Lassie. Was it? No of course not, he was chilling out at a nearby log cabin, and when Bigfoot came through the doors, it turns out it was just some guy in a costume who lost faith in humanity, so just lived in the woods for ten years. That still didn’t account for the dead people in the woods.

In the cabin, Shawn found the wallets of the men, making them think that Big Ed actually killed those guys, but that theory immediately proved false as he came in with an ax in his back, yes…an ax. Turns out the dead guys were all a part of a Serbian crime ring, and because the initial couple has been making postings online the entire episode, they were pretty much saying, “Hey! Come here and kill us!” so they did just that, and everyone died. NO they didn’t, but they came and there was an epic war, and all the good guys survived.

So here’s the thing, I have seen one too many found footage projects in my time, and the problem was that no matter how good OR bad they were, they always at least looked awesome. They look authentically amateur, and you can tell the actors are actually holding the camera, that it is a bad camera filming with no special lighting choices or anything like that. In this episode, you can tell that someone else is most likely behind the camera, and that the camera is a normal Psych-TV camera. That’s it. It looks like a normal episode, maybe a slight bit more bouncy, but not enough for handheld shots. It looked…wrong.

Does that make the episode bad? No, the episode on its own was alright, though nothing particularly important happened in it. The most interesting part of the episode was the idea of found-footage. It is clear that there are much better episodes of Psych out there, but this wasn’t terrible.


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