Sitcom Mania! 3.05-3.11

Go On: S01E18 – Double Down

Go On Logo

Go OnAfter his big breakup with Simone, Ryan decides a good and healthy way to get over the depression of the breakup is to get back into his addiction of gambling. Of course, one episode is plenty enough for a man to fully get back into an addiction that has caused him so much pain in the past and leave it in the same episode…television. However, at the end of this episode, something important happened between both Ryan and Annie, they tied their marriage rings to helium balloons and for the first time, really took their next step. What I’ve always liked about this show vs. “Mr. Sunshine” is that this has a good amount of honest drama when it needs it, while the other really didn’t.

Suburgatory | S02E16: “How to Be a Baby”

Suburgatory Logo

SuburgatoryThis episode was centrally focused on Noah and Jill Werner. To be more specific, it had a stronger focus on Noah and his sudden love for his previous housekeeper, Carmen. While  George tries to stop Noah from making a stupid mistake, Tessa agrees to work for Jill as an intern, but she quickly realizes that Jill is nuts, forcing her to beg Dallas for her old job back. At the end George lets Noah loose, only for Carmen to say she only likes him as a boss.

Community | S04E05: “Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations”


???????????????????On Community this week, it’s the Shawshank Redemption, or Thanksgiving special rather. Yes, yes I know it’s only March, but as you all know, Community started late, so this is what we get in return. Jeff decides to meet his real dad for Thanksgiving while the rest of the group heads to Shirley’s.  However, this was a Thanksgiving to fear for both, as the group started to plan a prison break, narrated by Abed, and Jeff blew up on his dad in front of his half-brother. No worries though, by the end of the episode it was all smiling faces because they had each other.

Last Man Standing | S02E16: “Private Coach”


I’m starting to think these titles that they come up with for the Last Man Standing episodes are incredibly lazy and put in there last minute. Think about it, each one seems to be based off of just…an aspect that the show is about, but usually has absolutely nothing to do with what the episode is really about. The show was really about how we should “Never give up, never surrender” (actual line spoken by Tim Allen, same one from his movie ‘Galaxy Quest’). This episode dealt with Eve’s soccer coach coming into the Baxter’s home to be Eve’s private coach…that’s where the private coach title comes from. Then we go on to the ladies of the house drooling over him. This leads to Mandy’s relationship with Kyle, when Kyle calls her Kristin’s name. They then had to work things out.


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