Once Upon a Time | S02E16: “The Miller’s Daughter”


Previously, on Once Upon a Time, Captain Hook stabbed Rumple with a poison hook, and if they didn’t transport him to the magical and invisible ship, he would die right there in New York. The good news was that his son, Neil, could actually drive a ship…and he knew Hook…and he didn’t like hook…and he somehow got out of looking like 200 years old at this point…and…yeah my prediction from last week was that Neil was also a little guy that we know as Peter Pan, we’ll see how that theory pans out in (I hope) this episode. I write this as I watch for the most part.


This episode began with a very distant flashback, Cora’s past. She first appeared to be some kind of Cinderella-type character, all raggedy and serving apparently evil Princesses with the name Eva (Snow White’s mom), and there was even a mention of slippers in the first bit here, which all seems to point to Cinderella, but they have already have had Cinderella before…haven’t they? Anyways, when the title sequence showed up, you see a spindle in the forest…but the thing is…the spindle is in Sleeping Beauty, and Cora knows, and is friends with, the evil witch from Sleeping Beauty (Maleficent), so even that makes sense. Basically…I’m trying to figure out what they are trying to pull here.

216Promo33When we zoom off to the real world, I guess Henry, Neil, Emma, and Rumple have all found their way to the invisible pirate ship…well that’s great, but how did they find it? Back at Regina’s house, she and Cora were listening in on a phone call between Mary Margaret and David, finding out that Rumple is sick and in fact dying. Cora took this time to admit to Regina that she must act quickly and kill Rumple and become the dark one. Exactly what the others were trying to warn Regina about.

Ba216Promo3ck in the past, young Cora continues to act like Cinderella by going to a ball dressed in order to look very different than a “Miller’s Daughter”, but there were no crystal slippers now…no…this time she said that she can spin straw into gold…sound familiar? Yeah, we’ve seen Rumple do it before, that’s actually HIS thing, so why is she claiming she can do it? Anyways, in the tower, she is met by…none other THAN Rumple who offers his help in return for…something to do with Regina in the future. Cora says okay, but as long as you teach me to spin gold.

Back in Storybrooke, Rumple and the gang retreat to his shop where he has an abundance of magic spells that can help keep him alive and them safe…for the time being. He issues Snow with the task of killing Cora with a magical candle, which would save his life (the same went for her mother), only this time…she actually wants to kill Cora, but it is still clear that she is hesitant to act on something she couldn’t go back on later in life. He then issues Emma to cast a protection spell around the shop, which she manages to do……innnterressstinnggg.

The next scene was very well shot, which continued with Rumple teaching young Cora how to spin gold. Basically, you can do it only if you have the purest of hatred in your heart, and that magic is ruled with emotion, so he made her conjur a memory of complete and utter hatred, and she did it, she spun gold. Here’s what’s so great though, the close camera angles, the blurred out fire in the background, the creepy music…it really gave off the feeling of…these are truly bad people that we are watching. That sense of Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella vanished at the scene ten-fold. Very nice.


Back in the real world, things begin to get a bit tense in Storybrooke. Regina and Cora show up at Rumple’s shop, and everyone draws there weapons, ready to battle. Meanwhile, Snow escapes out the back, on a mission of her own. The battle isn’t everything, I mean it has some fun sequences, but in the end it was really short, our heroes ran off again, but Snow White has Cora’s heart. Suddenly, she whipped out those double edged candles and whispered Cora’s name…uh ohhh.


In the past, Cora’s darkness spreads. She now wants to learn how to do the heart trick. So, I’m assuming that Rumple teaches her, because the next time you see her…she finds him counting his golden-spun riches, and she rips out his heart (doesn’t really show that…just see her holding the heart later).

Apparently, Snow White didn’t actually kill Cora…I guess the blowing out the candles bit at the end was like clicking “cancel” on a computer. Instead, she decided to give it one more go by handing the heart over to Regina, to place it back into Cora’s heart, simply just to SEE what happens. Yeah, she took it out to protect herself, but look how cold she has been, so the choice was hers. So the heart that young Cora was holding was…hers. According to how the show went, that makes perfect sense.

Just as Cora broke through the protection spell and was about to kill Rumple, she was impaled with her own heart, and surprisingly…immediately broke out in a smile, and then started to die. OH SNAP, I forgot about the whole “the trick is getting it back into her body bit.” That TRICKY Snow White!…and murderous. So…Cora’s dead. When Snow White ran in with a late warning to stop, Regina realized it was Snow’s doing, and we finally got back to the Evil Queen hating Snow White. Time to make a poison apple again, perhaps?


3 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time | S02E16: “The Miller’s Daughter””

  1. No, Snow White definitely killed Cora. She whispered the name over the heart, which was all that was required I believe. It’s simply that the heart needed to get back inside Cora before the spell could go into effect, so she devised a plan to get Regina to do it for her, by playing with her emotion (if she has a heart, maybe she’ll finally love you, etc) At the end she was about to try to stop Regina, but it was too late.

    1. Yeah I know, I write this as kind of a commentary, not review. It’s pretty much what you think while watching. I completely forgot about the whole trick about putting the heart back in deal

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