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Previously, on Touch, we were introduced to an old librarian that took the time to retire and take care of little kidnapped Amelia. Jake found a way to contact her and the two almost met up. Our serial killer is a 36. Finally Lucy ran down Calvin at the wherabouts to…I think where Amelia is staying?

Awaking up from what I presume to be a nightmare about his past life as a anti-terrorism agent for CTU, Martin finds Lucy missing from the house. Immediately, paranoia sets in and he tells Jake that they must leave because the police will be looking for them soon. Cutting over to Calvin’s home, Lucy is there interogating him to find out where her daughter is…huh guess I was wrong. Still feels wrong, I think if Martin was there interrogating him…he’d give in. After all, he does know Jack Bauer, since he played “Andrew Paige” in 24.

Somewhere out in Tonto National Forest, a place that looks more like a desert, our Spanish serial killer, Guillermo walks, talking to himself the scriptures of the temptations of the lord, which coincidentally also takes place in a desert. When a ranger offers him help, he quickly declines and says he is prepared…right now I am thinking…is he taking the ranger’s help as one of the temptations, and the ranger himself as the devil?

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Back at home, Martin was escorting Jake out of the house when Jake was tuning the radio until he landed on the empty static of station 89.2, our lucky (or unlucky) numbers for the day. When they get in the car, Jake does the same thing, tunes into 89.2, telling us that…yes….there’s static, but maybe there won’t always be static on the station, as Jake’s voice-over talked a lot about radio waves.

Lucy is still pulling a Jack Bauer and interrogating Calvin, who just admitted to knowing where her daughter was. He said he needed a doctor to look at his ribs, well…that was stupid, because it just gave Lucy incentive of what to target to get information out of him, Jack Bauer style. I’m thinking she may soon need a hacksaw. Jake and Martin stop over at Jake’s girlfriends house, where Jake immediately rummages through a photo book to show his dad that her grandpa’s significant other was Calvin’s mother…uh oh…spaghettio. Meanwhile, Calvin seems to be getting ready to tell Lucy the whereabouts, but stupid Lucy being too violent is either killing him from internal bleeding or at least making him pass out, but we’re not totally sure yet.

Touch - Episode 2.06 - Broken - Promotional Photos (3)_FULLGoing back to Martin and Jake, Martin was asking the old man how he knew the librarian, and he recapped how he knew her. Jake then walked over to the radio and tuned into, once again, 89.2, and there was a little bit of a program heard on the other side. Turns out Amelia was listening to the same station, where it was clear as day. All of a sudden, I figured out they were going to use the radio as a compass or homing beacon. The louder and clearer it got, the sooner they would find Amelia. I’ll take this a step further, they will meet up with Lucy after she figures out where her daughter is as well.

Out in the “tempting” desert, Guillermo runs into an injured man that begs him to kill him. Earlier, the ranger said he was already looking for a missing man, to which this man was clearly the missing person, but will the serial killer fulfill his wish, or will he see that as a temptation and test of faith and not do it, saving the man’s life? Well, he sure was giving Guillermo every reason in the world to kill him, that’s for sure. Telling him key words and phrases that he himself have said in previous episodes.

When Calvin gets the upper hand with Lucy, he takes that time to explain to her how important his work is, and since she is so desperate, he also tells her that if he gives her Amelia, she must provide him with Jake Baum. Oh no he didn’t! But he did, and so Lucy kidnapped Jake, but seemingly for no reason because she called Martin right up to pick up Jake, which he did, but not before spitting all over Lucy, like a good Bauer…I mean Baum would. Well anyway, he turned around to pick Lucy up, and realized the radio station was starting to come in, and they would use it like a homing beacon (as I predicted the would). They found the house, Calvin weeping over his mother’s dead body. You see, someone came by the house earlier, but we didn’t know who it was, but I think I do.

Remember the GPS signal that Calvin’s friend put in his laptop? Well I’m guessing that was him, and since that company originally stole Amelia, my best guess is that they stole her back. We’ll see though, it could be different.


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