Cult | S01E03: “Being Billy”


This episode started off with yet another episode-within-an-episode of The CW’s “Cult”. This time, Billy killed off one of his followers simply because she was thinking about turning him into the police, and he does so by parking her car with her on train tracks. Interesting note, is this the first real…homicide shown on the show? Others were mysterious, and related suicides, both in the show and in the “real world”. At Mulholland College  in Santa Monica, California, a few guys playing “Being Billy” snatch a girl up and force her to play out the same scene, but at least it’s just a prank. That’s right, she was apparently in on it, when she just started laughing when they revealed what they were up to.

Being BillyIn the “Cult Coffee House” where his brother used to hang out all the time, Jeff watches as endless Cult fans watch yet another episode of the series that seems to be playing nonstop on those TVs, when his researching buddy finds him, she tells him that maybe his brother was the person playing him…not sure where they are going with this, but I’ll play along. At the soundstage, Skye is told that the creator, Stephen, would like graphics in the back of a scene. What’s the graphic, you may ask? The three-armed microscopic image that they found from the “Cult” disc.

So basically, Nate could be playing Jeff because he can still access his email somewhere in the world, and instead of contacting his brother or the police, he sent a group email saying Billy says he’s starting it again. If you think it was that game that those boys were playing earlier, think again. A woman is run down by a SUV shortly after receiving a phone call from “Billy” saying that she’s next.

Being BillyBack at Nate’s apartment, Jeff finds a girl rummaging through his things, but apparently she had a key because she was Nate’s old girlfriend. She tells Jeff that since his disappearance, she has been running “Being Billy”. That is, all until that night when that girl was actually killed. It wasn’t a game anymore, but if Nate really was behind it, that means he was somewhere nearby.

Being BillyAt the soundstage, the actor that plays T-Bag, I mean Billy, invited his new gal-pal to see the sets of the show, acting creepy along the way. No really though, he acts exactly like T-Bag without the southern accent, but the one thing that upsets me about the show is how they don’t just call him Robert Knepper. That’s who he is…anyways.

After Nate sends a message to his girlfriend to meet him alone and threatening not being there if she isn’t, Jeff hops on the moment to be there as well. When he gets there, it appears as though they missed everything, but they found evidence to support that hit and run earlier wasn’t an accident…ye think? Anyways, another email hits saying “Billy says, It’s starting again”, basically a hint that there will be another murder soon.

So, T-Bag, I mean Robert Knepper, I mean Billy, or whoever the heck this guy is, shows his new gal pal one of the creepiest set locations on the show, a dungean-type thing. It is here that she reveals that she knows about the time when he was stuck for two days in a factory, due to a hometown newspaper of his. This made him have the urge to kiss her, despite the fact that she was a crazy stalker. It is then that she produces a replica of Billy’s knife on the show, and gives it to him. He of course just uses it to cut off some buttons on her blouse.

Jeff and Skye soon found a video that marked the true victims of Billys, or what they think is Billys rage. First it was the girl that was pranked and then killed, and then it was Laura, Nate’s girlfriend. Only the second time, it was a placeholder, and a message that Laura is the next victim. The only clue to lead them to how to find her and save her were weird numbers that resembled dates, but weren’t. They were able to find out that the numbers corresponded to time stamps in episode, which told what murder would occur next. That sent them to the greenhouse on campus. They find a crazy fan there who was just making audition tapes to be in with the true believers. Then…she got away.

By the end of the episode, you find out T-Bag’s new girlfriend is up to no good…but we’re not exactly sure how she ties in to everything. Finally Skye pulled episode 12’s audio, and used the first and last line in the show, which came to “True Believers”, and then backtracked the audio somewhere in the middle to get “Kill for us”. Really? Did Skye watch the whole episode in reverse? Did she just pick two words to satisfy her? Sorry when it comes to stuff like backtracking? You can think anything sounds like anything. I’ll be honest though, it is interesting at least.


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