Glee | S04E15: “Girls (and Boys) on Film”


“So here’s what you missed on Glee:

Marly’s dating Jake, but Ryder totally kissed her out of nowhere. Finn kissed Emma too, and she freaked out and left Will at the alter. Everybody felt bad, but not bad enough to waste a wedding reception, and everybody hooked up, and I mean everybody. Now Rachel thinks she might have a bun in the oven, and Santana moved in with her and Kurt, and Brody lives there too, except he’s gone a lot and carries large wads of cash, and that’s what you missed on Glee!”

“You’re All the World to Me”

This episode started off with a dream sequence from Will, which pretty much revolved around a revolving room set while Will and Emma sang in black and white while running around the room/walls/ceiling etc. After this random scene, we are told that it was the source of his inspiration for this episode’s theme, which was ‘movies’. The kids assignment? Pick their favorite songs from their favorite movies. (I already am enjoying this). However…you have to ask yourself….why in the world is Finn still sitting there like he’s a student? I understood him being the substitute, but why is he STILL there?

In the hallway, Finn catches up with Will and asks him what his plan was in order to win back Emma, to which he basically replies…if it’s meant to be she’ll come back. Finn tells him he needs to take action. Who do I agree with here? Finn, but just because what if Emma is saying the same thing? If it’s meant to be Will will show up…I don’t know about you but someone has to do something, and expecting the other person to do it for you is lame. So Finn asks Sue where Emma is, but even she doesn’t know that. After Artie used a line from…I believe “The Fugitive“, he suggested talking to Emma’s parents in order to find her.

“You Know You Make Me Wanna” (Animal House)

Our next musical number was brought on by Blane, and of course they went all over the school, through classrooms, through the library and cafeteria, and well…come on. Before commercial break, we are sent way out to New York, where Kurt, Rachel, and Santana are all trying to figure out what (you guessed it) movie to watched, and Kurt decided on (you guessed it) a musical, which was “Moulin Rouge“…well hey, I love that movie, so I’m good.


“Come What May” (Moulin Rouge)

The next musical number was sung by Blane and Kurt for a song in “Moulin Rouge“…what? Ahhh, it was a daydream by Kurt watching the movie. Santana takes that time to whip out the wad of cash Brody has been carrying around, and deems it is there because he is a drug dealer.

In school Artie and Finn dress up as redheads in order to get Emma’s parents to the school and somehow pull an address out of them, which they actually manage.

“Danger Zone/Old Time Rock and Roll” (Top Gun/Risky Business)

The guys enter the competition with a Tom Cruise mash-up…really though, whatever the girls pick, how could they possibly beat a Tom Cruise mash-up?

“Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend/Material Girl” (Moulin Rouge)

The girls pick this song(s) for their choice, but I have to say it…this song was made pre-mashed together for the movie, so these girls did no real work. Not only that, but when Material Girl is put in, it’s only for that few seconds, and not throughout, as the boys did. So my pick (even though I love Moulin Rouge) is for the guys. They had a tougher time putting together a rendition then the girls.


“In Your Eyes” (Say Anything)

Will finally decides to win Emma back by pulling a John Cusack and coming to her sister’s home and holding up a boombox…while singing to her. That’s right, the boombox is solely symbolic, but he was also wearing what appeared to be the same trench coat. However, one thing that Cusack didn’t have in the film was a bunch of friends backing him up singing with him, like the Glee club, so that’s something. After talking with Emma, they decided to slow down and start over.


“Unchained Melody” (Ghost)

Jake sings the song from “Ghost” to Marley, but while he does it, she could help picturing Ryder in his place. After the song, she told him about the kiss, to which he stormed off.

To the question earlier as to who would win for the songs? Everyone, I should have known. Out in the hallway, Finn is thanked by Will, but Finn could no longer hold in his guilt, and quickly confesses to Will. Now Will is all mad at Finn.


“Footloose” (Footloose)

Finally, a random performance of “Footloose” by the gang thrown in there just because of the theme.


5 thoughts on “Glee | S04E15: “Girls (and Boys) on Film””

    1. Well I didn’t catch that, I never even understood what he was trying to do. Still though, them throwing in Artie wanting to make a “Movie” and that being the only scene saying it, under all of this movie-themed madness…it STILL feels like they put it in there because they had no other place to put it

      1. It said they were going to do the movie songs, and whoever had the best son would get a chance to star in Artie’s movie. Instead of one, he picked everybody as the winner and they all starred in it for a big musical number. Made sense to me, as far as Glee plots go, often clearly designed simply to throw a song in there. I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole Will/Emma thing was done simply for recreating that scene from Say Anything where he holds the boom box up.

      2. That was done simply to recreate the scene, buttttt, it did add to the show arc, so I was okay with it

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