Psych | S07E02: “Juliet Takes a Luvvah”



Previously seen on “Psych“, Henry Spencer was shot, now guess who gets to take care of him? That’s right, you are all mad geniuses, Shawn, and coincidentally, his mother as well. Well, his mother seems concerned about the accident, and thinks this near-death experience gave her an awakening (even though she wasn’t the one shot) for Shawn to get to know his father with more of a closer and deeper connection…whatever that means. Later, over at Juliet’s, he lets her know that his lease is coming up, so he decided that he’s going to move in…with his dad…I guess his moms words stuck. Obviously Juliet wanted Shawn to say he was going to move in with her, because we all love it when people make major decisions and don’t even ask you if its okay if they live with you. (Sorry, bit of a tangent).

Psych - Season 7Over at the Pysch office building, Gus is taking self-portrait photos for an online dating service. Huh, reminds me of the time Shawn and Gus got onto that dating reality show (which is mentioned in the episode)..anyways, he stumbles onto Juliet’s picture under the alias “Helene”, and she is on the market again! Cue the opening credits. The show returns with Shawn crashing the party at Juliet’s next date, which of course, was an undercover mission. Turns out there is a maniacal serial killer on the loose parading around that dating website killing girls. When Shawn comes to Gus for help in the Juliet case, Gus turns him down to be with a new gal pal he met online.

At the next date, Juliet is once again trying to lure the killer in when she stumbles across Gus this time, who still doesn’t know about the mission, so pretty much…this is that first scene all over again, just with a different actor. That is until Juliet shouted her danger signal, which was “I feel hot”, sadly not “You have a butt chin”, as Shawn suggested. The guys race after her safety when they realize the guy just had a necklace for her, so Lassie and Shawn had to quickly embrace in order to keep her cover.

The next day, Shawn and Juliet met with a tech rep from the dating site to help track different profiles, and Mr. Possibilities was the next match to profile if he is a killer or not, and the ladies seem to love him. While he was looking into Juliet’s profile for possible ideas to spruce it up, he made a crack at The Mentalist, saying “Who says their favorite TV show is The Mentalist?” to which Shawn hilariously defends it (The Mentalist is often referred to as the ‘Psych‘ for old people). The tech rep found out there was a woman that creepily wrote Mr. Possibilities so many times that it exceeded the creepiness factor normally found on online dating websites, and that woman was coincidentally also Gus’s gal pal seen earlier…I KNEW there had to be more to that story than they were letting on.

So off Shawn went to accuse another girlfriend of Gus’s of murder, but she was quick to supply photographic proof that was time stamped with a location tracker that proved that she wasn’t the killer, so Shawn backed off. At this point I’m saying you can pretty much fake anything, but who knows. Talk about faking things, Shawn soon saw an image of Mr. Possibilities on a magazine, and realized they were the same images used on the dating website. So again, off Shawn went to accuse another person of murder, this time a man. At this point I’m thinking…couldn’t ANYONE scan in those images and use them in order to attract females and kill them? Just a thought.

Turns out my theory proved true, and soon Mike showed up next to Juliet (the guy she was on the date with when the episode first started….go figure). This guy was killing of girls to prove a point, that they are all shallow and never go for the nice guys, like they always say they want. So he goes after her, but since she’s a cop she took the nerd down in like two seconds.

In the end of the episode, Shawn finally caved in and decided that he and Juliette move in together, and Gus still had a girlfriend at the end, but that may not last for long, as it turns out, she has a son. The end.


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