The Walking Dead | S03E12: “Clear”



In the beginning of this episode, Rick, Carl, and Michonne have ventured on a field trip to Rick’s hometown to collect more artillery for the fight against the Governor. Only, once they arrived, no guns were to be found. Leaving the police office, the gang found arrows leading them to an arrangement of barricades that apparently someone had already set up against the walkers. Suddenly, they are ambushed by a riflemen on the top of a roof, and no…it’s not from that old TV show. Instead, it is FINALLY the black guy seen from the first episode of the series. I have always been wondering when he would show up again, because I thought he was a great addition to the show, even if it was that one episode.

 After they knocked him unconscious, they carried him up his very booby-trapped place of residence, where they finally found what they were looking for. An artillery (and more).  Their plan was simple, grab the guns, leave him and go. Though, too much memories swarmed Rick’s head, so he told the clan they would wait for him to wake up, to see if he was okay.

TWD_GP_312_0917_0153_FULLWhile Carl and Michonne are out looking for additional supplies, like things for the baby, Carl decides to do something else, and at this point, you’re thinking it has something to do with his old home (something he was looking at earlier). Morgan finally woke up, and we were finally shown how crazy he really is. He doesn’t believe there are even such things as human anymore, even though he himself is human, and all he wants is to die.

He eventually came around, but even when he seems more sane he seems insane just from being emotionally unstable. There are some crazy good acting seen here from Lennie James, and even as the show is fifteen minutes from the end, you don’t know what will happen with good old Morgan.

Going over to a bar, we visit Carl and Michonne, on a retarded rescue mission. What I mean by that is that is Carl risked both his own life and Michonne’s in order to save a picture frame of him and his family among a huge horde of zombies.

Finally, Rick suggested that Morgan come with him and join him, but the emotionally disrupt psyche of this guy was overwhelming, and he declined. He just couldn’t deal with watching the same thing happen over and over again. So away they left, never to see Morgan again.

So…this episode was strange. It clearly wasn’t important to the overall arc as much as pretty much all other episodes have been. When you think about it, not a lot really happened in it either, they came to his hometown and ran into Morgan, and took his guns to help fight the war against the governor, end of story. Believe it or not…this episode was, for the most part, filler! Think about it, did they have to go ALL THAT WAY BACK to just get guns? No, not at all, they wrote this episode just so they could get Morgan back, to answer that question. Even when they did that, it was disappointing. Sure…it was cool to see him again, and yes he did have some powerful scenes, and it all makes sense just fine; the problem arises when it feels like a copout.

I’m glad that he showed up again, I’m disappointed that we’ll probably never see him again in the show, as he is a fantastic actor. Now…everything is possible, of course, but his story seemed rather complete as this episode ended. You never know though. Overall, this episode…was filler.


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