The Bible | S01E01: “Beginnings”


Season 1, Episode 1: Beginnings

Dave’s 4-Word Review:
Mostly Accurate and Impressive

There have been so many religious and Christian movies that it is practically impossible to know for sure just how many there are, but television shows? For the most part, you can forget it, and it is normally mini-series if it so. This is also true for the History Channel’s new mini-series “The Bible”. The idea for this show is simple; it is pretty much the entire Bible told in ten hours, each episode being two hours, telling two or three main stories seen in the Bible. The thing about it is that it is incredibly gorgeous for so many of the scenes, as they benefitted off of modern computer graphics. Honestly…it’s impressive.

I won’t go through and recap this episode like I normally would. It’s pretty straight-forward, and I don’t want to just rewrite the Bible. In some form or another, we have all been told the stories of Bible, so it isn’t anything new. Instead, I’ll go over what each of these episodes cover, and mention a few things that maybe…they got wrong…whatever their reasons may be.

The series starts out with Noah and the flood, which first got me a little confused, as one of the most important aspects to the Bible was the creation and Adam and Eve’s fall. No worries though, as the word of God was passed down orally through generations, and Noah talked about what came to pass, which included Adam and Eve and Cane and Abel. Right off the bat, there are some very impressive and beautiful imagery going on here, especially at the creation of man, as half his body is being formed from the dirt, and dirt is falling off his face, it really is gorgeous.

The story then went on from Noah to Abraham, Abraham’s test of faith with the sacrifice of his son before god called out “psych!” (not really, but you get the picture). It went from there to Moses and finally ended on Joshua, who headed to the town of Jericho just before the episode ended. By the way, how many times have we seen Moses’s story told? It’s famous, and they did yet another amazing job, very stunning with the visuals, and you don’t have to watch a three-hour movie in order to see it.

The series moves by incredibly quickly, I am not even kidding. You can’t step out of the room to use the toilet while watching, like you can with “The Ten Commandments” or the mini-series “Matthew”, or honestly, hundreds of others like it. It moves fast for a 10-hour series, and that’s understandable, as it is going through an entire Bible.

It did get some things wrong, and I think it is because of Hollywood cheese. Certain people are looking for a certain image and this delivers. For instance, in the Bible, Moses had Aaron speak for him, because he had speaking issues, in this (as with every other interpretation), Moses spoke for himself. Also, it has been told that Abraham was tested with his faith when his son was in his twenties, but almost every interpretation has him as a young boy. So it seems to me like the makers of this series were just giving in to what people wanted to see, they did stay true to the Book for a majority of the time.

What I am most interested to see…and I don’t know if they will put it in…is Revelation. We have also had very few (good quality) movies on the end of days, biblically speaking. I’ve always loved the idea of the rapture and have been waiting for an incredible display, Hollywood style. I don’t really think they’ll do Revelation, I don’t think they’ll show modern people in it for some reason. We may have to just wait to see Nicolas Cage in the remake of “Left Behind” for that. For now though, this is definitely an interesting series. It begs to question why I haven’t heard of it before now; it definitely seems as if they’ve been working on it for a long while.

Interestingly enough, production began in 2012….that is seriously impressive. Just saying.



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