Sitcom Mania!

Sorry for the late post, I completely forgot about this feature…sorry…everything is still new on “Smaller on the Outside“. Basically, this feature will be mini-recaps for sitcoms, because sitcoms are not all that important. This last week, there was a lot more sitcoms than listed below, but since this website really got its start mid last week, some of the sitcoms have already been given a full recap and are not listed here. So enjoy!



S04E04: “Alternate History of the German Invasion”

404For those of you that are really bad with history, the original German Invasion, or Invasion of Poland is what started World War II in 1939. Almost 74 years later, “Community” released an episode to hilariously provide an “Alternate History of the German Invasion”, which of course, is the title of the episode. In this episode, a group of Germans infiltrate the group’s study room, and they must find a way to win it back. Good episode, not on par with some of Communities better episodes, but it did expand on the Changnesia arc of the season – this time Chang re-entered the college.


Last-Man-StandingS02E15: “Breaking Curfew”

215Forget about curfews, this episode of “Last Man Standing” was all about lying. Breaking curfew was part of it, but everyone and their mom was lying. This was more about the budding romance of Mandy and Kyle, and her tendency to move along in relationships quickly made her and Kyle lie to Papa Baxter. No worries though, because if anyone can talk Kyle out of making a possible mistake, it’s good old Mike. Interesting note: there was no Vlog from Mike in this episode.



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