Once Upon a Time | S02E15: “The Queen is Dead”


S02E15: “The Queen is Dead”

Emma: “You like the New York Pizza?”
Henry: “Yep. It’s cheesy, delicious, and doesn’t lie.”


Previously on “Once Upon a Time“, Rumplestiltskin finally found  his son in New York City, and low and behold, his son was Henry’s father. This meeting was prophesized by a weird girl, which said Henry will separate him and his son…and Rumple pretty much said he would have to kill him when the time came. Meanwhile, Captain Hook is trying to kill Rumple, for he is also the “crocodile” that caused the loss of his hand, and all he has to do is find a special dagger to kill him with….looks like we got ourselves a good old fashioned Mexican standoff…or something.

003This episode started off with an old flashback, with Snow White being shown her birthright, which was a tiara, from her mother. This scene was all about showing how nice her family was, and to teach her how to be a benevolent leader when the time came.  The flashback ended just after something happened to Snow’s mother which resembled a heart problem or something. In the modern time, Snow seems depressed on her birthday, not wanting to deal with anything, that’s when she receives a present in the mail for her birthday, with apparently the same tiara as seen earlier. Snow rushes off when she sees that it was sent by Johanna. Just before the beginning credits, Charming is hit over the head by Captain Hook at the police station. Hook then took his hook and left.

The show returns with Snow White meeting up with Johanna, her old house servant, who was honoring her fallen mother with a garden. Snow then stumbled onto Regina and her mother digging in the ground to find the special dagger that will control Rumple. They conveniently have a conversation that tells everything that Snow will need to know about what they were doing out there. Before we go into the next commercial, Snow found David knocked out on the floor of the police station (by the way..where are the other workers?).  She wakes him up and warns him about what she saw, but since Regina has never trusted her mother, she thinks all they have to do is put some doubt into her mind to turn the two against each other.

013That plan doesn’t work out so well when Regina meets up with Snow at the local diner. Snow confesses that she knew what she is up to, and Regina abruptly said that “That’s none of your beeswax” before leaving. Snow tried to get in an attempt for her to question her mother, but Regina just batted that off, a hit to the fact that Snow really had no mother growing up, throwing us into another flashback….burn.

In this flashback, Johanna pulls Snow aside and tells her that medicine is not the only cure to a dying mother, but magic is also a possibility. She then is told of the blue fairy that will grant someone’s wish as long as their heart is true. Swearing that hers is true, she sets off to wish upon a star.

In New York, Rumple tries to convince Emma into talking his son into returning to Storybrooke with them. At first she declines, but Rumple’s smooth…calculated influence turned her around to at least think about it. You see, Henry did run to New York for her, who’s to say he wouldn’t do the same for his father…even I have to say that’s a good point, especially since he is still angry with her. So when Emma tries to talk him into it, she is cut short when he says there is something complicated.

Hook shows up, stabs Rumple with a poisoned Hook, and the only way to save him is by returning to Storybrooke, where the magic is. They must return quickly, so Rumple suggests Captain Hook’s boat, but none of them can sail it…oh wait…Rumple’s son can (now I am thinking why…is this guy Peter Pan or Jack Sparrow, or someone else? WHO, WHAT DISNEY CHARACTER CAN SAIL A SHIP!?” Anyways, onward we go.

The next flashback dealt with Snow White begging the blue fairy to save her mother’s life. The only problem was that fairy magic was the most pure, and cheating death is one of the darkest powers, something she can’t do. What she could do is give Snow the power to save her mother’s life, while being responsible to kill someone else in order to balance the natural order of things. Yeah…so Snow was conflicted, seeing how the beginning had a lot to do with telling Snow White to be benevolent and not, you know, kill people.


The episode returned to New York, where Henry’s dad said this wasn’t his first stop, or else he’d be a few hundred years old at this point. I’m thinking….were you in a place where you couldn’t…..grow up? I’m still thinking this guy’s Peter Pan. I’m also thinking Emma should be thinking it too, but it upset me when she didn’t. Emma was informed that Regina and her mother are after his dagger, so Rumple then informed Snow where it was, to get it before they did. When they got it, they were met by of course, Regina and her momma. This time they brought Johanna as bait to hand over the dagger. This is where her test of strength over darkness takes place.

Snow gives up the dagger because she couldn’t handle the idea of being responsible for Johanna’s death, but Cora kills her anyway. Suddenly, Regina realizes that maybe she can’t trust Cora anymore, that maybe she has a hidden agenda. No, really? Suddenly, Snow is doubting her own choices that she originally deemed right. So now, Snow wants to change for the worst by deciding to kill Cora.


By the way, in New York, all that Neil had to tell Emma was that he was engaged. That’s great. Still doesn’t answer how he can sail a pirate ship, of if he is Peter Pan… guess that’s just another question for next week!


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