‘Touch’ | S02E05: “Eye to Eye”


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Touch - Episode 2.05 - Eye to Eye - Promotional Photos (3)_FULL

This episode starts off with a connected dream sequence with Jake and Amelia running to each other on the pier seen in several episodes this season. Is this more than a dream sequence though, knowing that Jake can pretty much see the future? After all both Jake and Amelia seemed to have had the same dream.

Touch - Episode 2.05 - Eye to Eye - Promotional Photos (11)_FULLAs Jake gets up and ready for his first ever “play date”, Martin puts some waffles into the microwave for a quick breakfast, Jake takes that time to jam a fork into the microwave, causing it to blow and get stuck on the numbers 88:77, our fun numbers for this evening. Since he ruined their breakfast , they had to go out, because skipping is definitely not on the menu. While they were out, Kase (John Boyd), seen previously working with Calvin on Amelia, surfaces and recognizes Jake. When Martin realizes that Kase is following him, he loses him just enough to sneak up on him in a parking garage, that is until a pathetic rent-a-cop pulls up in a golf-cart, spooking him off…really?

So Jake goes over to his “girlfriend’s” house for the play date, and if you remember from a previous episode, her grandpa is also the significant other of the grandma that is taking care of Amelia. That 6-degrees (or 2-degrees) of separation this season is staggering. So he steals her grandfather’s phone and actually calls Amelia, and Amelia on the other line says “I knew you’d find me”. Remember, they have never met…ever, but they know who each other are…niiice. So while on the phone, he punches in the numbers 8877, to which she agrees to “be there”…whaaa? Directly after the conversation, she complains of a burning sensation and has to be sent into the hospital…clearly a ruse. Jake also escapes his play date to meet up with Amelia.

Meanwhile, back at headquarters, Martin and the gang find out who Calvin and William’s mother is, and that she is on the board of the Greyber Institute, an exclusive brain injury facility, so off Martin and Lucy go, and break in with the access code 8877. Martin finds the retired librarian, makes up a story about his brain-damaged wife to break the ice, and put two and two together that the research done on Amelia is to cure people with brain damage.

Touch - Episode 2.05 - Eye to Eye - Promotional Photos (6)_FULLWhen Martin receives word that Jake has abandoned ship, he heads over to the scene of the crime to find out why. While Lucy overhears the librarian talking on the line with Kase, she suddenly realizes that she knows where her daughter is. So she sneaks into William’s room and finds Calvin’s phone number…though when you think about it, couldn’t she just ask Martin for that? She calls Calvin, telling him there was a breakthrough with his brother…what is this little sneak sneak up to? When he showed up, she went all psycho-mom shouting “Where’s my daughter!?”…that of course got her no where but revealing herself to Calvin. Good job…..women.

Touch - Episode 2.05 - Eye to Eye - Promotional Photos (9)_FULLThe 8877 bus leads Martin to the arcade that Jake is meeting Amelia at, which by the way, has an address of 8877. Once inside, he finds an arcade game with both Jake and Amelia’s name with identical scores (29), which told him they were together. Martin finds him standing on the pier as he had in his dream, but Amelia was no where to be found, but for the first time, Lucy saw her daughter in 3 years, ran for her, and Amelia saw her mom too, but just before the two were joined, Amelia was taken again. Man, what a tense scene.

Touch - Episode 2.05 - Eye to Eye - Promotional Photos (14)_FULL

The episode ends with Lucy getting some breaking news on where Calvin is staying. This is perfect, since we already know the who (Norburg Family), what (kidnapping Amelia), and when (3 years ago), and why (to fix brain damaged patients); now we know the where. So she drives out there, and hits Calvin with her car….end episode. Oh my

Side Story:

Our main side story is introduced to us with a Spanish priest in a confessional, Father Esteban. Now, it isn’t so hard to guess where this is heading, since we already have a Spanish character on the show, our serial killer, Guillermo Ortiz. As if on Cue, Guillermo shows up and confesses his sins to Father Esteban. We have seen other films and TV shows where murderers have confessed to a priest, but this one got really upset and decided to break his vow with god and report the killer to the police. However, Guillermo followed him to the police station and killed him in the bathroom…of the police station…now that is risky.

Usually, the side stories are always vital to the impact of the season as a whole. They always tend to start off as a unique episodic arc, but they always follow a path that leads it back to the main goal of the season. This time, it was a bit off the beaten path and felt a bit filler. Sure, it was an addition to Guillermo, and it advanced on showing us what he is willing to do past his own personal mission, but when you think about it…was it really 100% necessary? Probably not. It’s okay, though, as this episode had a strong focus on the search and rescue mission for Amelia.

It is only five episodes into the new season, and they have gotten very far in their mission, which is extremely impressive, because when you start asking yourself where the season is even going after they find Amelia? You start scratching your head. It could even be the next episode, since they already have a location in mind.

Don’t forget that Tony Rigby also knows where Calvin is hiding out thanks to the GPS tracker he had hidden in the laptop. This episode completely ignored that story, so I am guessing we can bet to see Tony’s face next week.


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