‘Touch’ | Season 2, Episodes 1-4


Season 2: Episodes 1-4

Episode 1 & 2: “Event Horizon” & “Closer”


The second season of “Touch” started out with a 2-Hour season premiere. So far, I am actually really enjoying this season versus the first. I’ll get to that in a minute. The first two episodes continued to introduce us to Lucy Robbins, a regular now on the show. If you remember from last season, Lucy lost her daughter three years ago, and has been tracking a map that led her to Martin and Jake. We are also told that the major arc would also revolve around the criminal organization Aster Corps, the company responsible for kidnapping her daughter, Amelia. They have since lost her, and she is currently in the hands of Calvin Norburg (Lukas Haas). Finally, a major side-story is about the serial killer, Guillermo Ortiz (Said Taghmaoui), who is on a mission from God to rid the world of the 36 chosen ones, Jake included in his hit list.

Episode 3: “Enemy of my Enemy”

Touch - Episode 2.03 - Enemy of My Enemy - Promotional Photos (10)_FULLIn the third episode, Martin “Bishop” meets Calvin for the first time at a shooting gallery pretending to be a reporter writing a story to help take down Aster Corps (be sure to look out for some classic Jack Bauer moments). Lucy and Jake hang out and meet a woman at a restaurant that they later find out is suicidal. In her bag, they find a drawing of the Spanish serial killer. We are also introduced to a retiring librarian that seems fidgety about her surroundings and people knowing too much about her personal life. She leaves and goes to the safe house that Amelia is staying at, she is to be her new caregiver. Calvin is that woman’s son. The side story in this episode is a girl that is taken captive in Pakistan, and her involvement in the episode is researching foreign sources for Aster Corps.

Episode 4: “Perfect Storm”

TOUCH_204-SC20_0111_FULLThe fourth episode had a stronger focus on the Spanish hitman, and it would appear that today is the day that he is after Jake, but he had no idea they’ve moved out of New York. Instead, he found their old friend, Avram, who refused to give up their location, but the serial killer couldn’t kill him because that would strive away from his original god-guided plan, giving Avram enough time to warm Martin. Martin is also told to retrieve Calvin’s research from his lab in Aster Corps, but not to contact his old friend, so Martin clearly talks to him, which in turn grants him access to Calvin’s research. Guess what he finds? Proof that Calvin has Lucy’s daughter (oh snap!), at the same time Calvin found out Martin’s true identity. It looks like Jake is getting better, as physical touch no longer seems to bother him. Finally the side-story of the day revolved around a man trying to buy a mechanical device that would test the limits to Amelia’s ability to predict the future.

The main reason why I love this show is because nothing is ever filler in the show, it is all very important and written very well. Sure it has it’s own side stories to divert the episode and give it a feeling of fresh, new material, but those side stories always…I repeat, always find their way to the overall arc, making it move forward, that means every one of the stories are important.

I am enjoying this season a great deal more than season one because we are given a more diverse cast with a female lead that is going through the same thing as Martin, and we are given a kidnapping scenario. It’s great. We are given an expansion on the future-predicting kids stories, and the show has an edge to it when you throw in the danger of the serial killer. I honestly think this season is better than the last. Anyways, check out a new episode of “Touch” tonight at 9:00 pm!


7 thoughts on “‘Touch’ | Season 2, Episodes 1-4”

  1. I thought you’d like this season more. I hope they give it more of a chance by moving out of the Friday death slot and maybe back to it’s original slot, after American Idol.

      1. I think it’s great. I just know it’s got the lowest viewer ratings on fox right now, probably because it’s on Friday. I think if they moved it back to Thursday night after Idol, it would bump up by quite a lot though.

      2. Indeed. It’s supposedly the #1 show in a lot of countries. Fox just doesn’t know how to promote their shows very good. See: Arrested Development, Firefly, Terminator, Dollhouse, etc

      3. They only seem to stick with promoting shows that are a massive hit in their first season or two. Otherwise, it seems like they just give up on them. Kind of sucks. Personally, I think all advertising budget should be allocated based on critical acclaim.

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