‘Supernatural’ | S08E16: Remember the Titans


S08E16 – Remember the Titans

“You mean he’s like a real life Kenny?” – Dean

Over the years, “Supernatural” has lost some of its spark. It used to be more of a dark comedy than anything else with its often hilarious sarcastic humor and pop culture references, and then it hit the religious spectrum with Castiel, the angel. To be fair, Mischa Collins does an absolute phenomenal job as the angel, but the stories of each episode began getting darker and more serious. This season, one of the biggest side stories I have been most interested in was the bunker that the boys found a few episodes ago. It is clear to me that the brothers would be using this secret hide-away place as their prominent living “home”, something they haven’t really had before. So, in essence, we would have to see them continually check into a hotel, and by the way, it is so obvious that the hotel sets are all the same place. Anyways, today we move on to “Remember the Titans“, an episode that is not about football, but about…well…Titans.


Our episode today began with a hit and run. Turns out a  guy was just minding his own business, strolling the street when out pops a car that hits him and gets him killed. Well, who would want to deal with the consequences anyway? The car zooms away, and a police car finds the dead and seemingly frozen corpse the next morning, being eaten by buzzards. However, the corpse immediately heals itself, gets up and runs away. Looks like we got our freak of the week.

Remember_the_titans_068 (1)Cutting over to Sam, we remember that he passed the first test to close the doors of Hell, and clearly he is having some side effects. Drinking water, he immediately realizes that the water turned to blood in his mouth. Keep that in mind for later. Anyways, the brothers meet up at the morgue when the dead body of an apparent zombie shows up, a man who has died twice. While there, he gets up once again, but the brothers are there to stop him. When asked what he is, he replies that he doesn’t know, and that “all I do is die”. This is where we learn his name is Shane. So basically, the man dies every day, and resurrects a few hours later. So the brothers needed time to figure everything out, so they had him spend the night with them.

TSN816-0005hat night, a leather-clad woman popped out of the shadows, knife in hand, ready to kill Shane, but the brothers intervene. She escapes, but Shane dies anyway, from a heart attack. The next morning, the mother of his son (and his son) show up to the motel asking to see him. She explains her side of the story, and for the most part, it really isn’t that much different from their own. We also learn his son, Oliver, has the same curse as his father. Finally Sam comes in with answers, apparently, Shane is the real life Titan “Prometheus”. Titans were the ruling Gods in Greece before the Olympians took over and held them captive. Prometheus’s curse was to relive death every day.


To fix their problem, they had to summon Zeus, yes you heard me right, summon Zeus. So they draw a trap and summon the Greek God, Zues. Turns out Zeus is not quite as nice as he is made out to be in Disney’s “Hercules“, turns out he’s a douche. They just want him to heal the boy, who shouldn’t have been given the curse in the first place. Dean says no go, and they begin leaving when Oliver’s mother breaks the trap, desperate for Zeus to heal Oliver. So Zeus and his daughter (the leather-clad woman seen earlier) take over the situation. Zeus tells his daughter to take the Winchesters to the back to take care of them, but Sam manages to talk his way out of the situation, and get her against her own father.

How does this episode end? With Zeus’s daughter shooting both Prometheus and Zeus dead with her magic arrow. That’s right, only a show like “Supernatural” is bold enough to kill Zeus. The show finally ends with Dean praying to Castiel to look after Sam.

For the most part, the episode was in fact focusing on the overall arc of the season, which is closing the doors of Hell forever. Sam passed the first test, as we have seen in an earlier episode, and since has been noticing…changes. First, he spit up blood early in the episode after drinking a glass of water. Next, he talked his way out of being killed by Zeus’s daughter by telling her true information that he couldn’t have known. So somehow, Sam has gained some kind of power of knowledge, which should be interesting to see for further episodes.

I did like the fact that they strived away from the usual religious theme, and went to a different culture’s beliefs for an episode. For the most part, this was actually a pretty decent episode. It had humor, and it had an original plot for the episode.



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